Neng Gao trail updates?

Any updates on the Neng Gao trail and its current rebuild? A while back large chunks were un-hikable/ridable due to landslides.

We may be taking a group up there for a work ride and would appreicate any info/contacts.

Thx, Chris

Call the Wushe Police Station at 049-2802520 to ask. They control your access to the area at the checkpoint at Lushan Village (not hot springs), so you should find out from them.

great stuff - thx so much

Yesterday afternoon the travel show “M.I.T.” on CTS featured the Neng Gao Trail, with two teams of hikers - one starting from the Nantou side, the other from the Hualian side. Even if (like me) your Chinese isn’t good enough to understand more than 50% of what’s being said, it’s worth watching for the scenery alone.
The conclusion (when, I guess, the two teams meet up in the middle) will be shown this coming Sunday. I think the show starts at 1 pm.
“M.I.T.” is often enjoyable - it covers a good mix of mountains, cultural topics, and not too many temples.

Oh man, I love those “key swap” hikes – meet in the middle and swap car keys with the other group so no-one has to backtrack or take the bus. Great stuff!