Neo-dyn magnets and a large 6 volt battery

Does anyone know were I can find neo-dyn magnets and a large 6 volt battery? I am trying to pout together a science project for my son and we need these 2 items to make it work.

6volts=4 aa batteries or you could get c cells if you need more juice. How big do you need the magnets to be? Stationary stores would be the first place to go, ask about magnets, they might be hard to spot. Good luck and have fun.

My son and I are making a HOMOPOLAR Motor to run a small car. I have 2 magnets but need 2 more. They are small but powerful. About the size of a quarter would be nice. The ones I have now are the size of a dime.

Hobby shop/stationary store on shi dong road near chungshan north road in tienmu has some strong magnets and I’m sure he could set you up with battery holders too. Boss speaks English too. Look for the one with Rc cars in the window. Small magnets though dime size is as big as he has. Where do you live?