Neodymium Iron Boron magnets

Where do they sell them and how do you say it in Chinese?


Not sure how you say it, but pretty much any stationery shop/everything shop has them nowadays, although they’re the smallish (<5mm) type, usually. Magnet is 磁鐵 (Cí tiě).

If you want the big chunky ones (the sort that squash your fingers if you’re not careful) try

[wikipedia]釹磁鐵[/wikipedia] refers to neodymium magnets. With Boron it would be 釹鐵硼磁鐵.

One short researching step away from results out there and that’s where your fun begins. Good luck.

Be careful with strong magnets around kids and yourself! Make sure they are not small enough to swallow.

Yes, it sounds daft, but you can really hurt yourself with these things, and if a kid or animal swallows more than one, you could be in deep trouble.

The hardware store on Taiyuan Rd. near Taipei MRT (Parallel to Chongching N. Rd) sells Neodymium magnets. They’re silvery and very strong. They’re about 100nt each for the 10nt coin sized ones.

it called 磁铁 and 钕铁硼 in chinese/!

If you say that it will just be referring to ceramic magnet… instead ask for “strong magnet” 強力磁鐵