Nespresso Users

Someone gave me a new Nespresso machine ESSENZA Mini and a couple hundred capsules. So I’m trying it out.

Nespresso apparently accepts the used capsules for recycle and credits of some sort.

Tried my first one. Caramel creme brulee. Doesn’t taste like either of them and doesn’t really taste nice.

Always wonder if they are supposed to smell like the description or taste like the description or both or neither.

The single pods are better. The boutique brands on Amazon are usually better, but can vary batch to batch.

Finally someone’s trying to fix this blight upon Earth of disposable coffee capsules.

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Do Carrefour, Mia C’bon, etc. supermarkets have nespresso compatible capsules?

Costco does I think.

The Nespresso store sells them.


hey, he’s just doing his job. Pointing out the bleeding obvious for humourous effect. and he’s good at it. So stop picking on the clown!


Why not get a reusable pod? They are pretty widely available online.

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Mia C’bon