Netflix Premium?

I didn’t know there was a premium version of Netflix that streams in 4K. Anyone upgrade to it? I have a 4K tv but I wonder how much content is even in 4K.

You can see a few lists below. Looks like there’s plenty of 4K content, with usual caveats about how content varies from region to region.

I confess I’m mildly confused about how 4K became a thing. Wasn’t the consensus a decade ago that most people couldn’t really see the difference on most TVs, in most settings, between 4K and 1080p? Yet now 4K seems to be all the rage. (Brief discussion here.)

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I just got it. And I can really see a big difference. I think it really depends on your TV and what size it is. I notice is very clear on a 65’. I suspect it’s more noticeable when the TV is larger.

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I had it for a while but there wasn’t enough content in Taiwan to make it worth keeping. It does make a big difference if it’s truly in 4K however I also found that it would sometimes downgrade itself at peak internet hours but not let you know. The number of devices allowed to have simultaneous connections mean it’s often shared between friends to spread the extra cost, not sure that’s legal though.

We’re already moving to 8K now. :wink:

It makes a very big difference when using a projector.

JVC has an 8K e-shift unit now, but it’s pricy. The 4K units are quite affordable now unless you want laser.

I have yet to find someone who pays for an individual Netflix subscription. 4 of us share one account, working out to less than NT$100 per month.

Just wait for 8K becoming a ‘big’ thing.

Does it have more movies available? I was a bit surprised how many movies are not on there. Does youtube or something else have a bigger index?

You’re looking for Super Netflix Premium Plus+ ™
AKA torrents

Haha, gotcha. Fair enough.

No, you can view on more devices, like 4, and it works in the US too with more content.

Sure. They said that without any good 4K TVs or 4K content :crazy_face:

And probably old people above 60.

Someone also said a long time back that there is probably a worldwide market for 5 home computers. One thing I’ve learnt about tech predictions from today’s gurus - ignore them. (incl. likes of Steve Ballmer). They have no vision.

Many homes have more computers than you actually know of.

Many of them just poor eyesight.

I don’t think you understood

:thinking: :popcorn:

He meant you’d only be able to sell 5 home computers in the entire world.