Network file/printer share on XP

just started having problems on my network. have 2 computers both running xp. previously was ok. able to see each other, fileshare, and maintain internet connection.

i recently cannabalized one computer into a new box with new HD and fresh windows xp installation.

now for some reason, i cant get the network to work. well, it’s up, and the individual computers can see each other on the network, but they can’t see beyond that eg access the computers and files insider.

i get a:

network path not found. you are not authorized blah blah. please contact the administrator.

not sure what’s different from the old setup and why it won’t work now. thank in advance.

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It’s probably some protocol or something you haven’t re-set up when you reinstalled windows. But you still have the other computer unchanged, right ? so look at the protocols you have in network properties on the old computer, and make sure they are the same in the new computer. “File and printer sharing” and all that stuff.
Beyond that networking is a bit of a mystery to me too, but I have got some working (sort of) before.

OK, try to open up a DOS prompt and type this
nbtstat -A (the other machines IP here without the ())
You should get a list with the machine name .
look for something in particular
example your machine name is PC01
it should look like this
NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name Type Status

PC01 <00> UNIQUE Registered
PC01 <03> UNIQUE Registered
PC01 <20> UNIQUE Registered

MAC Address = 00-07-A5-35-D1-C2

Look if the machine has <20> in it.
If it has, then it means it has file sharing on.
If not then you dont have file sharing turned on.

Also try this on the DOS prompt

CHANGE pc01 to the name of your machine.
If you are sharing files then it should appear there.
Anyway hope this helps :wink: