Never-ending sore throats

Lately my voice has been really hoarse for the past 4-5 days. I think I just caught a very small cold, because the only thing wrong with me is that my voice. It’s just taking forever to recover. On top of that, I keep getting sore throats for a little while and then they go away and then they come back. I’m wondering if it’s because I almost only eat street food, or it might also be because every building I walk into the air conditioning is blasting on full strength.

Either way, anyone here having similar problems? Does it go away with time? I want to have my normal voice back already…

I get that too but it’s much better if I avoid freezing air conditioners, don’t drink icy -cold drinks, and wear a mask whilst riding my scooter. I’m actually used t drinking warm water now and haven’t had a sore throat for ages.

It happens at puberty. Your body is changing and hair is starting to grow in various places.

Our little boy is growing up.

It could be allergy to air pollution or else associated with air con. Sometimes with serious allergies you will get a nasal drip that causes an ongoing sore throat…like a never ending cold. Go to the doctor and they can tell you.

Look no further, Aircons are to blame. Especially now that temps increase, it gets really bad.
Bring extra clothes for long bus rides, avoid having too many trips to the 7-11 in the day, and turn your AC to an acceptable temperature for your body, ie 23-26 deg C in summer. Or better yet, if it doesn’t get oppressively hot and you’re not in a mosquito infested / over polluted area (these are rare in Taiwan I admit), turn AC off and just open windows, plus you’ll help save the planet.

I’d go for the acid reflux theory, and schedule and appointment for a nice endoscopy. It starts with a sore throat that comes and goes -especially when you do not have a cold- but escalates quickly -and unpleasantly- so the best thing would be to stop it before it gets more painful and does real damage.

Remember endoscopies now are painless. :wink:

On the other hand, if you are teaching, maybe you are straining your vocal cords, not necessary by screaming, but rather by proyecting your voice incorrectly. Back home, there were courses to teach us how to do it properly, here in Taiwan they use microphones when they teach.


This is the first time in several years here I have had a cough/sore throat I can’t shake. I noticed the air quality reports have been pretty bad the past month and wonder if that has had something to do with it. It’s not about a/c with me because we haven’t turned ours on yet. But, I have been outside quite a lot.