Never ever trust businessmen for tis businessmen who fcuked up this world with their greed

[quote=“Budda Boy”][quote=“Ermintrude”]As a former English teacher, school manager, university teacher, ELT book editor, yada yada, I’d like to offer the thought that there are few industries that are less dishonest, grasping and exploitative. Do you think education exists in order for the pure of heart to light the lamp of knowledge in the minds of the mendicant seeker? Because, um, it like totally doesn’t.

Do you know summin? By trolling this website, you are making money for the advertisers on this site, and the owners of this site. People you wouldn’t like much, if you met them. Would that silence you? I’m guessing not.

(Quote)Holiday Backpackers have the purest motivations of all.

For they are willing and able to live a life of poverty and instability …

to find happiness without the need for security, for much wealth, for stability…(Unquote)

Not middle class lotus eaters with nothing better to do?[/quote]

Are the advertisers and owners taking any money from me? I think not.[/quote]

They are making money from your time and effort. You are an Internet serf, creating meaningless ad-fodder content for the type of people you do not respect. Stop feeding the machine!

Looking back on my Buddha Boy period, the thing I craved the most without realizing it was a good, swift, low intensity kick in the ass to help point me in the right direction and stop me from wasting so much time engaging in mental masturbation.

Someone has a chip on his shoulder. Boooo, hooooo, those nasty businessman have more money than me. :raspberry:

Everybody is a businessperson (I will not tolerate sexual discrimination) in their own way.

Yes, the physical masturbation is far more satisfying.

Good point . . . to which I would add this quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn concerning who the real culprits are:

[quote=“Budda Boy”]

In short, the businessmen want to be kings even though they do not have the blood and genetics and heritage inherent in their genes to be kings.[/quote]

This is the worst statement from you so far. Businessmen are evil in your book but blood and genetics enable some men to be superior to others? FFS!

Watch out guys, we’re dealing with a seventh grade education over here.

You are dealing with an obvious troll, and most of you are obviously enjoying it, so crying foul looks pretty silly.

People in business are people. And people come in all forms. Personally, I find just as much evil in business people as I do in most every other type of person. And just as much good.

[quote=“Tomas”]You are dealing with an obvious troll, and most of you are obviously enjoying it, so crying foul looks pretty silly.

I wanted to say that like five threads (not posts) ago, but when I last called someone a troll I was warned that it is considered a personal attack.

Caveman is the new PC term. This caveman even gave the game away on his first post.

Boromir put it best: