Never Have I Ever

Five for me…


3 for me, and only one of those I hope I never do.

Is this a CIA intelligence data collection quiz?



5 for me too, and I think I am much younger than you

Never too young to get a head start on bad behavior. :sunglasses:

I wish the never have I ever list was more exotic.

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My 5 were the worse ones on the list though :rofl: rofl:

Yeah, I’ve done much darker stuff, ha ha.


I would imagine that’s pretty subjective though.

Indeed :innocent:

Go on a cruise?

Close, I hate cruises.

I’ve never knowingly broke a bone, but I have no idea why not bcuz I’ve done some crazy shit.

Probably just luck. I almost feel embarrassed that I’ve never been arrested. Seems kind of lame.

There are some places that you should never admit that.


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Like on a public forum

Yeah…zero street cred.

Surely you’ve interacted with the police at maybe making too much noise for the neighbors or a speeding ticket or something

Stopped by police many times, but never arrested. :disappointed_relieved:

That’s a tame list


Tattoo, arrested, zip lining, piercing & sky diving - still got 20 years to get the last 5 done!

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Same exact five as me. :open_mouth: