Never in The West

I just heard them mention on CNN that 70% of buildings on Broadway have no 13th floor as it is considered unlucky.

And people said such a silly superstition would have no place in the West.

Umm… alot of places, at least in the U.S., do not use the 13th floor. I remember when I was in Vegas years ago there was a 13th floor button on the elevator but it didn’t stop there.

That took you a long time to realize. Black cats crossing, number 13, no walking under ladders etc. - sure there is superstition but not that much present as in Asia and not everyone “is into it”.

BTW: I bet those buildings do have a 13th floor (unless they are 12 floors or less) … :wink:

I don’t see taiwanese having triskaidekaphobia, nor any other numbers, but I love the play with numbers in 0204 telephone.

0204 3525999

anton xie

well I just got a mobile phone today and because the number ends with a 4 they gave me NT$100 month towards my bill … apparently to counteract the unluckiness of the number. Never let it be said that superstitions are bad things when you can make money from them


The number 4

When my husband and I first moved here we lived in Apt 4 on the 4th floor. Later I learned the landlord had other westerners live there before us, because the chinese would not be caught “dead” in the double 4 room! Tee hee :smiling_imp:

Our last apartment was on the 4th floor, so we got NT$2,000 per month knocked off the rent.

Now, the Sandcastle is situated at #13. No rent reduction, but no bad luck either, touch wood. :wink:

Not that I’m superstitious, of course.

Superstitions, tell me about it mate. Preparing for my wedding. Saturday is anyone wants to give me a hong bao :sunglasses: . Anyway, guess what? Death in a really close guests family, so they can’t come to my show. The death was about 2 weeks ago. She told me that Chinese culture, tradition, whatever, says that this is a bad luck omen. And then started to cry telling me how much she wanted to come. I’d like to give her some good luck though. I’d rather join in and enjoy the happiness of others, rather than mourning a loss, and missing out on the wedding of someone you care about. Culture, tradition, superstition? All intertwined and confusing.