Never Made a Doctors Appointment


Hi everyone,

I need to make an appointment with a GP doctor. I have national health insurance. How do I make an appointment and would you recommend any general practitioners?

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Just look for a doctor’s office and go in, most doctors don’t take appointments, it’s on turn, pick a number.


GP and clinics don’t really use appointment system. Just walk in. Or maybe take a number when entering.

High demand top level specialists at hospitals sometimes have booking available in advance but can also walk in and try.


They have very nice multi clinics here, which in case of need have direct computer links to book you in a nice nearby hospital too.

Depending on wher eyou livem you could have like me 3 GP clinics with multiple doctors in a lock, plus several specialists. And 3 hospitals within 10 minute walk or drive.

So you can ask in your hood if there is a GP nearby. You can also go to any or the closest hospital, walk in, and ask a volunteer to help you book an appointment for any time you wish, right away or make an appointment.


As almost everyone in Taiwan does when they got a ‘cold’.


You can book ahead at the hospital, but that just means you get a number ahead of time, so you have a smaller window in which to show up and wait.


Okay, I’ll point out the elephant in the room…

Which gal gave you the clap?



Thank you very much for your help.

May I please ask you a question. Do I jus,t bring my ARC with me?


You also need to bring your jianbao (NHI) card with you. They may not even ask for your ARC, but they’ll definitely ask for your jianbao card.