Never Too Old To BE a Rocker!

Damn. I love these old things. Maybe I’ll order one and take one on a Forumosa Ride. Article is from Kneeslider.


Nothing says Rocker like an old cafe racer, the right paint and parts, proper seat, suspension tweaks and engine tuning, all for the purpose of joining the Ton-Up club and looking good while doing it! Some of the old British bikes were classic cafes but here

Damn! I just came. Bubba, you bastard, God! It’s everywhere. What a mess.
Should be a Beezer though. Seems a bit heretical doing that to a Honda. :wink:
I used to have a friend did that to old BSAs. Bought a chopped Squariel off him years ago. Nice bike.

That’s nice. Looks like a Rickman.

Apparently, however, FAR too old to learn how to post properly…

And there was me thinking this thread was about Keith Richards.

my old man’s bike is based on a CB750…

Yeah well, you want a cafe racer? Why not get the REAL thing?

OK, so I have the Vinnie, all restored and ready for the road. So all I need is the featherbed and someone to build it…

Oh yeah! Dreams are good. sandman was MADE to ride a Norvin. :laughing: [/quote]

I raise your Norton,

Black Shadow–that’s a flush pay up Sandman!


Yup, that’s pretty much exactly the same as my old man’s – I mean MY :wink: – restored Vincent, 'cept they gave her black rims.

But for handling, you want to squeeze that motor into a Norton featherbed frame like in my pic above. Something tells me pops won’t be keen, though.

God, those pics are getting my juices flowing. You make sure you keep Mouldy safe over there next month. I might have a project for when he gets back – clip-ons, rearsets and a Thruxton seat on a mini-cruiser? Well why the fuck not? :laughing: