New 10-digit registration for foreigners

The government has formulated a unified registration system for foreign residents to minimize inconvenience and facilitate administrative management, Minister of the Interior Yu Cheng-hsien Yu said Tuesday.

Yu said the new system is also applicable  to Hong Kong and Macau citizens,  mainland  Chinese  people  who have come to Taiwan to live with their  blood relatives  or to work in the high-tech  sector,  as well  as  Republic  of  China  citizens  who  do not  have  household registration here.                                                         
"The new mechanism  is patterned  after the identity registration system  for ROC nationals, " Yu explained, adding that under the new system, each eligible applicant will be given a residency certificate that bears a 10-digit  number  rather  than the original  seven-digit number.                                                                    
The new residency certificates can be used to apply for telephone numbers,   credit  cards,   driving  licenses  and  opening bank accounts.                                                                  
"It is just as convenient as the identification  cards for Taiwan citizens,  " Yu told a news  conference  called  to announce  the new registration mechanism.                                                    
According to Yu,  the National Police Administration (NPA)  under the Ministry  of the Interior  has spent  two years  developing  this foreigner-friendly residency registration system.                          
The  NPA  began  to accept  applications  for  the new  residency certificates Dec. 1,  Yu said,  adding that about 610,000 people will benefit from the new measure. [/quote]

Has anyone else heard about this? What does it really mean? Richard?

It’s not the same 10 digit id number on our arc is it.

Well I am for the registration number so long as two months from now they don’t decide to change the policy again. One number would be great. It also seems there will be some added benefits like using it to register things.

Amos, I assume you are talking about the digits on the back of the ARC? I have one on the back. On the front I have other numbers that haven’t changed since I came here.

Jeff, I only got mine last month, but its ten digits. Well, two letters then 8 numbers. Wouldn’t be what they’re on about would it? Just double checked, definately 10.

Likewise had the same 10 digits (two letters 8 numerals) on three different ARCs - one studying, one working and the other JFRV. When I went to get a licence unde the first one they made up some bullshit shen fen zhen beginning with an apostrophe. However when I went to change it they put the ARC number on.

More to that:

Oddly I got a Chinese name put on my most recent ARC. The thing is that that it was the name I used when I first landed and almost never since. A major bummer coz the name on the household registry is different again!

The root of this is name changing fortune tellers, what a con. The missus got her name changed and lured me to do the same. I go to see the “teacher” and do the bai bai, blah blah…'alright luv, if it keeps ya happy". Damn if I didn’t then hit a crisis when I tried to change a job and my previous company had used soley my Chinese name for all those letter of having been let go, experience betc. Worse still, like Yang Shyu- kun, noone can either read, write or use a computer to write her full name!



Why don’t they just tattoo all foreigners?

Tatts are all the rage these days…

The Department of Homeland Security

Sorry Amos I think I was editing my first message as you were writing your reply. I realized that the 10 digit number was on the back of the ARC. I too have one, two letters and 8 numbers. But that number has changed each time I have applied for an ARC.

Aren’t some of us already Tattooed?? haha!

Jeff, sounds the same them. Although mine are on the front of my arc. English says ID no, followed by 4 characters.

Why don’t they just use that number anyways, save more paperwork, and more unnecessary trips all over Taipei or wherever.

If you look in todays China Post, and I assume the other two English newspapers as well, there is an article on the front page about this exact subject. Says Foreigners and Mainlanders will be getting new ID cards. Says the police started accepting applications on Dec. 1 (damn the media is slow). Says the old ID cards have 7 numbers, oh the hell with writing all this just go to … /18/187612 for the story!

I wonder if we can apply for new ARC’s then? Says we will get the new number when we renew. Well for me that’s about 3 years from now.

it’s not mandatory to change to the new 10 digit ARC, in my case I’ll need to update the following altogether:

driver license
bank account
health insurance
tax filing

So unless you get some real benefit, it will be a pain in the ass in my case :frowning:

I guess it’s going to be a pain in the ass for all of us who have any of these items you listed… Should be interesting…

When I went in to register a change of address they stamped the new 10-digit number on the back of my current ARC. If you want the new #, just go get it chopped on there. Easy.

Don’t confuse me, did u get the stamp before or after Dec. 1?

I read the news that the new 10 digit has been issued since April
of this year, but the Dec. 1 new law is totally different, I guess
you would have your old one removed from their database, as
their main purpose is to better keep track of the foreigners

I don’t think you can co-exist with both 7 and 10 digit ID #
as the documents I specified above are map to the old 7 digit
ID already

Hehe. IIRC it was back in October. I don’t have both a 7 and 10 character #, they just didn’t issue me a new ARC, and just noted the new number on the back. It has 8 digits and two letters as per the latest news.

At that time, anyone walking into the copshop with their ARC got it chopped with a new number whether they wanted it or not. I have the feeling the new numbers already exist in the database, it’s just a question of bringing your card up to speed.

[OT]Sure was nice of the Japanese secret police to leave this whole system of ID cards and household registrations in place for the next oppressive regime eh? I bet old CKS was really chuffed at all the work they saved him.[/OT]

[quote]The Taiwan national identity card carries a 10-digit number comprised of one English letter and nine numbers. According to a senior official of the Foreign Affairs Department of the NPA, the last digit of the national ID card and of the new ARC card has a checking function…

In converting the seven-digit ARC number to a 10-digit one, a second letter will be added - C or D depending on the gender of the holder - followed by a zero, the NPA official said. The last digit added at the end of the number will be based on the mathematical formula, he said.
Will this require a new id. Or an alteration of your ARC? And how many digits are one peoples arc’s anyway? Mine has, reading backwards, 7 digits, plus the 0, then a C (male?) then the starting F. So that’s 10 digits. Others??

Numbers, numbers, numbers. I hate them.

Here’s another link on the same topic: