New air raid shelter signs

I see them here in the South, others reported some in Taipei, others said not in their local area/ Did you see it in other cities

sign photo


Yeah, I’ve noticed quite a few of those in various parts of Taipei over the last month or so. Was kind of curious what prompted them being put up now. They do look pretty hastily printed.

This one near me directs to the massive, always closed, metal gate of an apartment complex. I don’t fancy my chances of banging on the gate to be let in in the event of an emergency.


so when’s the invasion?

Someone has the key. When shit goes down, an old man will call on his radio to a control room. The control room will message Uncle Chen who has the keys and he will open it up. Let’s hope we have more than 13 seconds.


Who would benefit from putting up those signs? Do they all point in the same direction?

yes, to the nearest 7-Eleven

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My thoughts exactly. The convenience store wars are heating up again.

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Mostly public schools.

I’m in the Shida area, and started noticing them going up in the last few weeks. This one is outside my apartment door, so “luckily” in the case of attack I just have to walk down three flights of stairs, should be guaranteed a good spot, maybe in the corner or something.

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The only sign I’ve noticed points down into our apartment building’s parking lot.

Hm, I’ve just realized I don’t know what happens when the power’s out. Of course the elevator doesn’t work. But those little beeping things we use to get in and out of buildings - I guess those shut down too? Do buildings just prop open the doors? If our building security isn’t around, are we stuck outside?

8 minutes. We have about 8 minutes from detection to being hit.

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From my experience in the old country with electric gates and quakes: no, they won’t open if the power’s out.

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Remember to bring your bug out bag. Hope someone stores water, food and a porta potty down there.


There is a Carrefore in the basement near my house. I am going there. If i die, i am dying with a chocolate digestive in my mouth.


Let’s be realistic and hope instead for some broken old kitchen appliances, half-used construction materials, and rodents.


I have half a mind to buy a pallet full of wood pulp cat litter. should work fine as a latrine for a few days.


Anyone noticed these popping up everywhere now?

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They could have at least laminated it. They will be in tatters before the end of the year. Unless they think it won’t matter. :grimacing:


Are you referring to a smart card that is held against a card reader that beeps when the door opens? Or is there some other kind of beeping-door-opening system that is used in Taiwan?