New alert test on January 9th, please do not panic


Dunno if this goes here or in events.

Basically, Taiwan TaGeTa will test the emergency broadcast system at 4pm on January 9th. In a nutshell.

They are kind enough to tell people not be be scared when this happens. Test will give the message in English and Chinese, they say.

台灣大災防通報訊息 9日全台測試勿驚慌
最新更新:2019/01/08 10:40





Thanks for the heads up!




But what if there’s an emergency that happens at the same time as the test?! None of us will notice! We’re all going to die!


All I keep thinking is the Mexico case: they had the anual drill a couple pf hours before the real event…

I am becoming Taiwanese in not wanting to listen to anything related to disaster…


If something happens at the same time with an alert for the event, the alert might not be much helpful.


As in the Fawlty Towers fire ? :blush:




It happened! It happened! I didn’t panic. Actually the message said not to panic


I even didn’t read the message. If it were a real alert, it didn’t help me.


All that government money wasted.


phones started going off, the bosses did not know what was happening nor most coworkers, everyone bolted! :rofl:


Once again, I got no message on my phone. I never get any emergency messages on my phone (and my carrier is Dageda). Was this only a Taipei thing?


There’s a setting you might have to set.


Would I find the setting you have to set , in settings ?could all be a set-up. Anyway I’m all set to go.


yeah, mine are under settings/messages/advanced


Yeah, others suggested this a long time ago. My settings are all turned on. It continues to be a mystery as to why I never get any of these emergency notifications.


This was like the first one I ever got. Maybe they’re gradually figuring it out


For our colonial chums:


I’m the same, I get some but not all, i.e. I got the warning regarding the import of pork, but not the test today. Also Dageda.