New and IMPROVED! 50% More Guessing Game!

Okok, in the footsteps of our game show master, irishstu, here’s a new game.

You have to guess something I’m NOT thinking of. 30 guesses!

Big Fluffy Matthew’s brain.

Dang, you got it. I totally WASN’T thinking about BFM’s brain.

Is it hot, lean-muscled and polite enough to get up from table when called on cell phone?

Oh, wait! I got it wrong! I thought it was what you ARE THINKING OF!
Damn! I should read more carefully :frowning:

I’m sorry. THREE three-minute calls within 30 minutes? Wrong wrong wrong.

Hot, lean muscled and multiple phone calls while at dinner? Hmmmmm I smell a rotten crotch!

The decency or professionalism of a playah should be to chain the subs down while you go out. Get them busy…something…anything damnit!

Some people have no class and drag the hard working P.I.M.P’s good name through the mud. It’s a hard job but someones gotta do it…cuz

“Pimpin ain’t easy!”

Oh wellz. You live and learn! Ok, enjoy playing the games, people! Must make some munny for my hunny now.

Now you talkin’ Baby! You know I ain’t payin’ for hair/nails/rags myself!