New Apartment - New Oddities

Just spent the first few nights in my new, short-term little apartment in Tainan because I was in the Philippines for more than two weeks and only now am I discovering the quirks.

I’ve been in Asia for more than three years so I pretty much know there’s gonna be strange stuff going on, but here’s a few new things even I haven’t experienced: (BTW, this is my second apt. in Taiwan).

On every door of every apartment, there are those ugly metal screen doors. So you can’t actually lock your real door, only the screen door.

Okay, I guess I can live with that. :wink:

But the thing is, several people like to leave their real doors open, and only close their screen doors (this apt, is inside BTW). So as a result, you can hear several TVs and kids wailing for most of the evening. Also, these people just love to stand in the hallway for 15 minutes and talk VERY loud, usually right outside my door, which is closed BTW.

Whatever. :unamused:

Then, there’s a recycling system set-up near the underground parking entrance, just for our building. But nothing is labelled. So there’s this row of 7 or 8 very clean garbage bins with little or no waste in any of them. I went down there yesterday thinking I could just look in the bins to figure out where stuff should be dropped, but couldn’t do it. And of course, our “Security Guard” :smiley: was nowhere to be seen, so I will try again tomorrow.

Speaking of security, there’s a metal screen door at the main entrance beside the security guy’s little booth. But if you walk 10 steps down the underground parking ramp to the left, you can access the building much easier by using the elevator, which makes any security measures redundant.


I’m sure there’ll be much more I’ll discover in the coming weeks.