New bank card probs in Hong Kong

Just got back from Hong Kong and while there I couldn’t withdrawal money from 3 different banks using my new Taiwanese bank card. The ATMs just spit it back out. Am I alone in this?

Last time I was there my old card worked everywhere…
Just a warning out there for you Forumosans going to Hong Kong.

happy travels!

The probl;em could be in HK. Some HK bank ATM cards cannot be used in all HK bank ATMs.Regional banking Mecca? Ha! Never in my life have a seen such shoddy service from any bank anyhwere. HSBC stands out for particular scorn. Grrrr!


Strange having their HQ in HK I would have thought their cards would work everywhere. I’ve never had a problem in HK, TW or China with their ATM card.

Plus the fact in TW you can pull NTD30K in a single pop. China’s shitty limits to RMB3K, end up doing loads of transactions…

Really!! Shit man, I landed at Shenzhen from Shanghai without two coins to rub together and couldn’t even use their damned visa card for money at any of the ATM’s. I’ve been caught out four times cashless because their cards have fucked up. The most recent insult left me without access to my savings, visa or internet banking!

Oh, and in one draw at Lo Wu I pulled a fake Rmb100 from their filthy cash machines. I can’t believe I’ve been so unlucky. Surely they are bad?


No problem with my CHB card. Which TW bank are you using? Entie bank ATM requires that you call to activate overseas ATM usage. A few other banks I believe have this issue as well. This has been posted in Forumosa in the Business & Money forum.

My experiences with HSBC ATMs has been great in HK, Malaysia, TW and Singapore. YMMV. In China, I only use Bank of China ATMs and services.

My account is with First Bank of Taiwan. And the machines in HK just didn’t like it.
When i was strapped for cash in Taipei i went to a nearby HSBC but couldn’t use my First Bank of Taiwan card there as well… I assumed it would be the same in HK so I didn’t bother to find an HSBC.
I ended up exchanging NT so overall it wasn’t a big prob for me, just lucky i had that cash already though…

It could be that you need the overseas ATM withdrawal facility to be switched on on your card. This isn’t always done automatically. Go to your bank and check.

Or it could be that you were trying to use the 6-digit PIN, and the HK machines aren’t set up for that yet.

I had exactly the same problem (in HK) with my most recent CHB card. I think it was the number of digits that was the problem.

HK ATM cards have 6-digit pins.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]HK ATM cards have 6-digit pins.[/quote]When I went to see them after my HK trip, CHB told me that my overseas withdrawal facility was already turned on, and that the problem was the number of digits.

I can’t remember exactly. Maybe the problem was that I was trying to use the 4-digit code in the machines in HK.

Yeah I think I had that once with a Taiwan card too. Must be the four-digit pin that has problems here (HK).


It seemed like there was a standard number of digits… and now there isn’t. Seems like that should be fixed.
Or maybe the overseas withdrawal function needs to be turned on… Annoying that it isn’t on in the first place. Maybe better if my bank had asked if i had wanted it on or not… Oh well.

I had this problem when I moved from the UK to HK about 5 years ago. Put 00 infront of a 4 digit pin…no problem.

HSBC in HONG KONG suck thebig one. Everyone I know hates them and yet everyone banks with them because there really is no other choice…