New Belgian restaurant

I found a new Belgian restaurant opened across the street from Capone’s.
Anyone tried this place?

I passed there early in the morning, so no opportunity to try it out. There’s a picture of Ghent (the Graslei, old houses with a canal) outside, the name ‘Bread and Soup’ was printed on Belgian flags and there was a Flemish Lion flag on the counter, so it all looked relatively authentic.

When I saw it, I wondered whether Forumosa’s own Belgian Pie was involved with this. Are you, or is this a new rival?

Well he did recently mention how he was sitting across the street from Capones and watching the renovations.

AND he started a thread on people’s opinions on Bread & Soup restaurants.


Wasn’t there a bread and soup restaurant there before? I seem to remember one maybe a year or so ago. What happened to it?