New biker cafe near Da-Xi (South of Taoyuan near mountains)

Great cafe opened up called “Autobike Cafe”. And it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen out here. You got all these gorgeous “big bikes” lined up and down the street. Across from it you have a little “night market” area with stands. Then there is a recently restored bridge for pedestrians only. And on the other side of that bridge there is a nice park. And across from that park are some historical buildings that…I think the dutch built…or something.
One of the owners…who happens to own 30 bikes :astonished: , also does custom air brushing himself. I saw some of his work and it was pretty impressive.I’m probably going to be there every Sunday from now on. Their “ice” drinks are good and sweet. I tried a tuna sandwich today…wasn’t anything special…but it was ok <edit: my roommate who knows much more about food and cooking than I do, said it was one of the best tuna sandwiches he’d had in his life.>


If you want to find this place…just look for the nice walking bridge that you can see in the “roof” picture. Just below Da-Shi there is a long white bridge that you can drive across…from that bridge you can see the walking bridge…just head in that direction.

Also, a little further up the same road as the cafe is a go-kart track. Not as good as the one near Hsinchu…but it’s alright.

Looks like a cool place…I love the pic of the local rider wearing “external” padding!..Gotta love the logic behind that!

so the tuna sandwich isnt that good…hmmm, hey Moredeth how are the girls. Who cares about the tuna sandwich if there are hot Chinese biker girls there. :slight_smile: I’ll check it out soon.

I was at the cafe today and the owner said someone came in and gave him an interview. They said they heard about the cafe from Forumosa. :s . You go give the guy an interview rk1951 ?