New bill stopping ma for 2008

Read in the paper today that the DPP is passing a bill stopping Ma to run for president next year due to his corrumption accusations. Now I don’t know the exact details but I think the DPP outvoted the KMT to put the bill at attention because the PFP didn’t show? and I think the KMT and the PFP are talking today I saw on the news…but a final bill hasn’t been decided but I heard it might be sometime this week. If this goes through this will be a very very big hit

People must be really afraid of Ma if the entire LY is needed to prevent him from running as an independent…lol

Ya, well I would think the PFP would support the KMT I mean to be honest there isn’t any plus if this bill passes and the KMT dont win next year and the DPP do because the PFP doesnt have a legit candidate (other then James Soong…going for his 3 shot??) anyways I think the PFP is just trying to make some commotion to get the KMT to give them something

Well there are a bunch of elections coming up where the KMT and PFP are competing against each other. Not to mention the LY reduction is coming up.

Politics and greed…

I find it surprising Wang is showing Ma the knife so early in the game though.

It’s blackmail by the PFP, pure and simple. They’re trying to use it to extract concessions from the KMT on jointly naming candidates for the legislative elections. If the KMT agree that the PFP can contest a sufficient number of seats on behalf of the pan-blue camp (with no KMT candidates running against them), they’ll promptly step up to the plate to block the anti-Ma legislation.

Haha, the people across the aisle are your opponents, the people standing beside you are your enemies.

Wonder if the doomed TSU would try to pull the same trick, if they had the leverage.

How many years would Ma be in risk of ending up behind bars?

I for one hope all this political wrangling fails. I would love to see President Ma.

This bill can’t pass. It only passed committee because the PFP let it, to signal their displeasure with their alliance with the KMT. It will never make it through the legislature.

It’s a dumb idea anyway, very antidemocratic, to pass a bill aimed at a single individual. Ma is the perfect candidate for the DPP to run against – arrogant, elitist mainlander, self-absorbed, lacking competence, thoroughly corrupt, and with a very nasty hidden past that will probably pop up during the election (I’ll make sure of it). Moreover, Ma is despised by three vital Blue constituencies – Party Machine politicians within the KMT, the Taiwanese KMT (held to the party by flows of money), and the Soong camp in and out of the KMT. His support base is in the north, a region the DPP can’t win anyway. The DPP should let Ma run, because if both sides run their best campaign, the DPP will win.


I still think Ma should win comfortably enough if he gets to run, provided he doesn’t make any major missteps in the meantime. But if anyone else runs for the KMT, the DPP candidate (especially if it’s Hsieh) will have an excellent chance of pipping him.

Hmmm, I think that Ma’s reputation has suffered a fair bit of damage.

First of all, he used to position himself as Mr. Clean. Now he’s been caught with his fingers deep in the cookie jar, that ploy won’t work anymore.

Also, don’t forget that he has shown himself a spineless ditherer whenever there’s been protests against Chen in Taipei.

Taiwanese like their top politicos strong etc., and Ma is showing himself a bit too lightweight. I think that the DPP would do well by digging into those 2 weak spots. The ethnic card - IE reminding people that Ma is HK born and likes travelling to Beijing might help to add to the picture of a toadie.

:laughing: [quote]Taiwanese like their top politicos strong[/quote]

I think slimey is the adjective your looking for. :laughing:

So why not let “weak” Ma run. Unless CSB is afraid of losing to him again… :laughing:

I think slimey is the adjective your looking for. :laughing:

So why not let “weak” Ma run. Unless CSB is afraid of losing to him again… :laughing:[/quote]

No, they don’t care about the slime, however a reputation as an aggressive fighther for his constituents, a certain aura of the “good official” are both very important when you run.

Your pathetic remark about CSB losing to Ma Pi again shows your grasp of lack of such on the ROC constitution.

The way things look, well CSB is barred from participiating as he’s served his 2 terms, Ma might end up barred from it due to his inability to distinguish between yours and mine.

Fight for his constituents? Oh those slimey grafters that’s been robbing ROC coffers. :laughing:

CSB has always been living in the shadow of Ma ever since CSB lost to Ma in an election. :laughing:

CSB has always been living in the shadow of Ma ever since CSB lost to Ma in an election. :laughing:[/quote]

How come you say that? Not very many of CSB’s actions over his presidency have been directed against Ma. i am here talking of the referendums, the education reform attempts, the re-election, which saw President Chen campain against sleazebag Lian etc…

No, I don’t know which parallel universe your remark comes from, they must be smoking a fair bit of weed there.

When this bill fails to pass, I’m sure the next bill CSB suggest his party support will be one stating “The individual with the family name, Ma, and name, Yin Jeou, born in HK cannot run for President of ROC or ROT.”

It’s like a joke now how obsessed CSB is with Ma at this point.

I think CSB thinks the government is his own personal plaything. :laughing:

I don’t think those bills originated with President Chen, actually.

You might think - wrongly - that he’s using the goverment as his plaything, however that beats Ma using it as his piggy bank in traditional KMT fashion.

[quote=“Vorkosigan”]The DPP should let Ma run, because if both sides run their best campaign, the DPP will win.[/quote] I agree with this logic, BUT it does heavily depend on which candidate the DPP finally put on the ballot. Ma lost a lot of credibility with a good portion of the blue camp during the Depose Chen campaign. However, there are still a lot of hangers-on who refuse to believe that Ma actually did anything wrong or can easily overlook it or forgive him rather than vote for a DPP candidate. If the DPP fields Lu or Yu as a candidate I could definitely see Ma winning.
I like the candidate debates the DPP had - sure beats the pan blue method of a drinking party with Lien Chan to iron out differences. But the DPP seemed to have its own share of backroom haggling to decide a candidate happening as well. The DPP ‘running their best campaign’ is not necessarily a given.

But then he gained it all back as CSB wife continues to play dead in the hospital and holding up her own corruption trails.

And got more support when CSB indicted him on corruption charges.

With this obvious move to bar MYJ from running, even more sympathy is flowing towards MYJ. This is better than any bullet in the stomach in terms to motiviating the grass root support for MYJ.

Now tales of his princely character spreads through the island as he stands up the corrupt falsely crowned prince of darkness currently in office.

Better than any box office movie or South Korean soap opera I’ve seen in a while.

But then he gained it all back as CSB wife continues to play dead in the hospital and holding up her own corruption trails.[/quote]

The first lady’s hospital stays don’t really make it over the radar screen here, honestly, and only a total hypocrite or someone utterly devoid of morals could try to use that. Honestly, Madame Wu’s hospital stays have not helped xiao ma one bit

Nope, it’s widely known that it was a pro blue prosecutor who indicted Ma. A family friend of his, who could only bring charges given the clarity of the evidence on hand.

It’s not a conspiracy, xiao ma played in their hands, actually by being stupid enough to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Really? I must admit that I hear despair and lack of trust in their anointed leader among the blue supporters I know here.

For one you are right, the KMT having fun leaderless and demoralized with a split looming. Great entertainment.

Entrapment…how entertaining.