New Blade Runner


I just finished watching it. Aside from being way too long, I’m having trouble formulating my thoughts. Was anyone else as disappointed as I was? Help me put my finger on why.


Great cinematography and awesome sound. The movie had a great idea for a plot and storyline but just did not deliver … I felt the screenplay was a little weak and they could have made so much more out of it.

Incidentally I watched the original before I went to the new one and it looks incredibly dated. I can’t see what the fuss was all about. Maybe folks were easier to please in 1982


i also watched the first one before the new. but i thought it was amazing. it was the final cut though.

the new one was disappointing. the cinematography was the best thing about it, but even then there were too many long drawn out shots, too much cgi, too much reverberating ominous noise just for the sake of it. the film was too impressed with itself.

the dialogue was terrible. boring throughout, no cool lines like the first movie. no cool characters. ryan reynolds was ok but his character was just a drip. and i gave zero shits about his stupid hologram gf. he was a replicant to begin with why should i care about his even faker gf?
i didn’t like storyline much either, they could have thought up something better and more straight forward. i didn’t hate it though, just expected better, and don’t agree with the majority of glowing reviews that the film is getting.


The dialogue was spoken with zero emotion/intonation for most of the movie. They were going for cerebral but it took an incredible amount of patience to make it through. It felt empty/hollow, which I think is part of the “feel” they were going for but it didn’t work for some people. There were a lot of false tension buildups until it got to a point where you knew not much was coming and we were basically watching people doing normal human activities in the future. I did like the cinematography and the near-future future stuff, though.


Very true. Not good for the protagonist.

…but dragged on for three hours
It felt like it had no continuity with the first film, not plot, but feel. I was hoping for more action and a beefy Scandinavian ass-whooper.
Jared Leto was super creepy as would be expected.


Positives. Amazing cinematography, similar to the original.
Negatives.Not much development of characters. Left the movie theatre with the feeling of seeing a good film, but thinking it was missing something.


It is way better than I thought it would be and is a visual feast. It is also an hour too long and needs more action.

It also asks too much of the audience to buy into the love story of a robot and a holographic Siri.


it was pretty and stuff but overall a disappointment. made me fail a test the next day so yeah…

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First Id like to say that the respondents to this posting were very thoughtful in their review which why I thought to ask you all to participate in a short survey for Sci-Fi fans (even if you wouldn’t consider yourself one, the quality of your comments on Blade Runner, in my mind, qualify you!)

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Mark Kermode clearly loved it!


I haven’t seen it yet and won’t read the comments until I have.

I just want to say, if there are no unicorns, it sucks! Period! :rage:


Mark Kermode’s favourite film is the Exorcist. I’m afraid I can’t take any of his reviews seriously.


Well…there’s a horse, and it may look a bit like a unicorn…


It wasn’t perfect (bit too long, Reynolds was too dry for most of it, Jared Leto was miscast, not sure why he created a replicant Lena Dunham, and didn’t agree with the shock-jockey headshot of the fake Rachel) but I’m more interested in the film’s implications.

One, which someone who I can’t remember said, is that dystopian sci-fi without a pointed message of warning about the future could easily be used to condition us to accept dystopia. Slowly but surely we’d get used to the idea that our world will one day be like this and not put up a resistance.

Another is, since the film is not really about K, is his entire character just fighting for a noble cause, and really, the collective? What is the role of the individual and freedom in 2049? The powers that be would surely want those done away with. As a type this now I’m starting to think I’m wrong though, and it’s still K’s ability to escape from “The Matrix” as it were that leads to the final reunification.


Ryan Gosling, not Reynolds. Anyway, I thought he did a good job…he’s not human so the character should feel a little weird, off and empty imo. Don’t know if that’s his acting skill or just him, but I thought it suited the part. I liked the movie and I also liked the first one, but the first has some goofiness that I’m glad they did away with for this release. I hope they continue to develop future releases.


Big difference there! Glad you noticed the mistake.

Reynolds > Gosling by a lot!


Watched it yesterday. Boring and kind of stupid. Strange how there were only like between 2 to 4 people on the screen at any moment. Almost no extras.

Their fight scene? Hey, lets try to kill each other for no reason, and now, hey, lets drink together.

Guns making noise? Guns won’t make noise in 2049.

The flying through the city special effects were even impressive.


The big screen was better. It looks like you may have missed the only redeeming quality… the cinematic experience.


This is the only movie I’ve seen in 3D that actually looked in impressive in 3D.


OK. I have clocked watching it three times. My attention span is not what it use dto but I am still confused. Visually awesome, in a Hou Hsiao-hsien kinda way. Same slow as molasses pace, but without the “let’s hide key details in the scenery” gimmick. Everything either is explained like a 3 year old … or comes out of the ether. Like how the heck did K figure out grumpy cop was the dad? and the leap to the memory maker being the one? bit far… killing Joi at that point in the story, so anticlimatic. the big reveal… then why the memory there? how did it get there?

I think it is still being shown in Jinmei if anyone wants big screen. It deserves it. Except the water fight. I found it boring.