New BMW R1200GS Adventure

pics leaked today for the first time…

in a word… WOW… :astonished:

now question is how do I explain to the missus that spending another NT$1,000,000 on a bike almost identical to the one
I already have, just with slightly more rugged good looks is a completely justifiable idea?.. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I suppose I could allow myself to be seen on such a machine.

I’m certain its a well made machine.
Well designed and engineered. Built to the highest standards for its ntended mission.
Just the thing for crossing the Gobi or trekking the Kalahari.

However I do not like the looks of it. Perhaps a bit too ‘mission specific’ for my everyday riding tastes.

Very, very nice bike… :sunglasses:

Always did want to ask you…Do your feet get a touch warm during the summer with the heat coming off those cylinder heads? I remember riding an old k100 and the heat trailing off was nice on a 40F day…

How much of a hit would you take on your current bike if you sold it now?

I think it’s quite nice in a “get as lost as you can” kind of way…which doesn’t really happen in Taiwan…but ideal for Canadian or South African or American back country adventure riding!’s just overkill for Taiwan!


BTW: I don’t get too much heat off the cylinders on my 1200GS when riding in the summer…hasn’t been an issue so far!

It is a continent destroyer :smiling_imp: … A true “around the world” bike if ever one was built… overkill for Taiwan? overkill for anywhere? probably but that is irrelevant… how many people drive round in huge unncecessary SUV’s / Hummers / Trucks… shedloads, which is co-incidentally the quantity of this new 1200ADV that BMW are going to sell, 90% may end up intimidating the living crap out of Vespa riders at the Tesco and nothing more, but so what… unlike all those Trucks/SUV’s you’ll know that after you’re done shopping you actually could take the scenic route home… via Australia, N.America, S.America, Africa, Europe and a quick dash across Asia… the wife might be a bit unimpressed at you for turning up 10 months late, but it’d be a great story… :laughing:

I doubt I’ll trade in my current non-ADV 1200GS for it, it’s less than a year old and it’s a positively brilliant bike, less “around the world” ability, but far more on-road prowess and still more than capable offroad, a true Enduro… especially since it’s just done the 10,000km service and the engine is at last properly run in, and with the recent valve and TB tuning and the modified intake / exhaust system right now it’s the most finely tuned GS on the island and she just purrs these days!.. if I did sell it I’d probably take a +/-NT$100K hit on what I paid for it a year ago and then it’d take another NT$300K to raise the +/- NT$1million that this ADV will sell for… and probably another NT$100k for options… crazy money really, but so well spent… :loco:

I think what I’m going to do is give Mr.BMW Area Manager in Beijing a call to arrange this Beijing to Inner/Outer Mongolia trip for next year… but after the 12ADV has been released and he has a few in Beijing, I believe this bike warrants a “test ride” at least… :smiling_imp: