New browser tab icon

Just noticed the recent change. I think the last one looked better.

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What are you talking about?
Maybe you could share a screenshot?

It used to be square, now it’s round

I’m with you on this one. I liked the square better.


Okay, I see.
I guess that’s a matter of taste. I prefer the round version.
FYI, the icon for black and dark modes remained squared, but in different colors.

no way .
circle is sleek

Round is good, square is bad. Rounded square?

I’ve never seen any change in icon colour when switching themes, pretty sure the icon falls outside of the parameters of what the theme changes but I coud be wrong. Anyway, I’ve been using dark mode and just switched to black mode, and that is the icon colour I’ve always gotten.

Okay, I might be wrong.
I’m only using it in mobile.

The circle looks pretty good.

I like the circle

I’m going to change it to a triangle.


That way everyone will be equally dissatisfied.


We all know an octagon would be the most bad-ass. Make it happen!

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Before and after


+1 sweet potato shape.