New Buddhist Encyclopedia

Participate in international Buddhist project for the benefit of all beings!

The Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia ( is a large scale and vast project with numerous different aspects and purposes:

  1. provide easy access to vast amount of materials for everyone with access to internet
  2. create a platform for Chinese and English speaking Buddhists to interact, co-operate, work and study together
  3. gather all available existing digitized materials, review them, categorize and post them online.
  4. collaborate with relevant universities, monasteries, institutions, libraries, museums and individuals from around the globe
  5. continue digitizing more materials
  6. use the advantages of modern technology to develop different forms of Buddhist education (both on and offline)
  7. create a international team of specialists interested in those topics, who would collaborate and meet on regular bases

We are looking for volunteer editors for the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia project. CBE needs a lot of data research and editing. Usually every editor has their own Buddhism related topic(s) (English and Chinese speakers). Which he/she would gather as much material as possible.

It is also opportunity to learn because before you can add it to encyclopedia you have to read it yourself as well. In that way you gain more knowledge and also contribute it to the others as well.

Together we can make a difference and build up huge online Buddhist source.

So we welcome everyone who could contribute their valuable time by editing and adding materials from different sources all over the internet.

Also we are looking for people who has some computer skills as well do help develop the system little better.

There is much work to do so anyone who would like to give their contribution for the Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia project are most WELCOME to do so.

If you think you want to participate then please visit our website- and for more information or e-mail us