New Canadian Passports

Just passing this info on. I wish I would have known this before I applied for my sons and my passports a few weeks ago. I would have waited and gotten the 10 year passportā€¦ :frowning:

[quote]Come Canada Day, Canadian travellers will have a more high-tech and high-priced passport.

Starting July 1, Canadians will receive a redesigned ePassport featuring several new security and anti-counterfeiting measures, including an electronic chip that stores the userā€™s personal information.

Thereā€™s also been an esthetic overhaul, as the new document features images of iconic Canadiana, including the RCMP, Terry Fox and the Vimy Ridge memorial. The watermarked images double as a security measure as well, making it more difficult to forge a passport.

Maybe of more interest to travellers is that the new 36-page passports also come with a heftier price tag
The price for a five-year passport will jump to $120 from $87. But 10-year passports will become available for the first time, with a $160 price tag.

Travellers are not required to replace their current passports. Older passports will remain valid until their stated expiry date, Passport Canada says.[/quote] ā€¦ aunch.html