(New) Central Cross-Island Highway open?

Anyone been over the (new) Central Cross-Island Highway in the last couple of weeks (Hualian to Puli).

I heard on the news a few weeks ago when they had that flooding in Yilan that the road was closed. I’m planning to take my parents over Hehuanshan when they visit in a couple of weeks, so want to check whether it has reopened.


The road from Taroko to Hehuanshan is opened but just 4 times a day so you have to time it right. Don’t know about the conditions past Hehuanshan to Puli.

Hey, say hi to your dad for me when he comes. I don’t think he’ll want to climb Wuliao Jian again, but it was great the time we did it together.

It’s fine. We rode over Highways 8 and 14 this weekend (Taroko-Hehuanshan-Puli). By the way, this is not the New Central Cross Highway, but rather the Central Cross Highway (Zhongheng).

The Xinzhongheng ( 新中橫) refers to the section of Highway 21 from Shuili to Yushan. This is all very confusing since the New Central Cross does not in fact cross Taiwan.

Thanks for that. It’s my favourite drive in Taiwan, and I’m looking forward to showing it to the olds (my Dad fondly remembers the hike with you btw MM).

Feiren, I’ve always thought ‘Zhonghen’ referred to the old number 8, but is still used for the new route 8-14甲-14, but to be accurate the latter should be called ‘Xinzhonghen’. I had no idea the 21 was called Xinzhonghen, although a quick Google search for 新中橫 shows you to be right. I guess it’s OK just to call 8-14甲-14 ‘Zhonghen’ now.

Central cross-island having a bit trouble.


damn, landslidey