New China airlines TV ad

How dumb can advertising people be?

The new ad features a guy doing some tricks with a deck of cards. This can be wrongly interpreted as gambling your life flying China airlines. Isn’t it?

It’s no duumber than not being able to spel or maeke a tag questoin. :smiling_imp:

I shouldn’t is have done that I no but reallly!

If you really enjoy to point out spelling errors you could be better of posting at Tealit. They are famousuh for that.

Maybe I’m not very good at typing, I could’ve made a typing error. Couldn’t I?

Or maybe we can change to Dutch or German. I don’t think to many of you could cut it without spelling errors.

So, please don’t worry about the spelling errors, typos of non-native English speakers. Just post an answer or stay away. (off to tealit)

BTW, I still think it’s a dumb ad.

Sorry, editors curse!

Lashings of apologies if you’re a NNS. :laughing:

Accepted. But remember, there aren’t only NES’s on the forum.

And, … I still think it wasn’t smart to bring an ad like this.
Can be misinterpreted.

Or maybe you’re just pretending to be a NNS so your poor typing and grammar won’t be soddomized.

(Hope I didn’t make any mistakes above, me being a NES an’ all.[bites lower lip])

I must say that I thought exactly the same thing when I first saw it.

Cards are games of chance for god’s sakes. What the hell were they thinking?


I couldn’t believe it when I saw that ad either. I’m so happy I don’t have cable. What’s worse is that it follows their unintentionally homo print campaign from last year (with the two pilots, eyes locked). Those idiots can’t do anything right.

WHAT? Are you mad? What do you do for entertainment? Read books, for cryin’ out loud?
How can you live without masked Japanese wrestlers and exciting 20-year-old Hong Kong movies?
You don’t live in a shack in the woods somewhere, do you? Like things that explode? Have a wild beard and the thousand-yard stare?

Any votes? Is Soddom a fuckwit or is this one of the slickest double entendres ever coined?

Actually he’s just a cursed editor.

Soddom, that should be: editor’s curse or editors’ curse.

Or am I about to be flamed?

Better put that gun back in its holster, Soddom.
Alleycat is right. Leaving out the apostrophe in a three-word sentence IS FURTHER EVIDENCE THAT POSTS ARE BEING TAMPERED WITH BY SOMEBODY. GET IT FIXED GUS

They could use some of this stuff here:


Haven’t seen the CAL ad yet.

My fave ad at the moment has to be the one by Computer Associates. It’s on CNN - u know the bald guy at the computer terminal who has to submit a hair sample…

Ok, so it’s kind of juvenile but I still think it’s pretty funny.