New Chosun Ilbo article on the Taiwanese Economy

For those of you who don’t “hablo español,” Chosun Ilbo is Spanish for “Chosun Daily.”


  1. Country with the most dazzling economy in 2020 is the one with 23 million people called Taiwan. Yes, it said country.
  2. Executive Yuan estimates growth at 2.54% for 2020.
  3. International organizations peg Korea at 0.9% and China at 1.9%.
  4. First time Taiwan surpassed China since 1991 in growth.
  5. Taiwan will grow 3.2% this year.
  6. Taiwanese GDP per capita will surpass $30,000 USD, surpassing Korea’s levels.
  7. Among countries with more than 20 million in population, Taiwan’s growth is #1.
  8. Korea’s per-capita income surpassed Taiwan in 2003 and has since extended its lead.
  9. What has happened in recent years? Attitudes towards Beijing. Taiwan distanced itself.
    Moon government hitched itself to China.

Anyhow, (9) is the only reason he pulled out of that article (there’s a lot more). He went off into his own explanation.

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That is wrong. Korea’s GDP per capita has been >30k for a few years, though it has stuck there so the figures are pretty close.

I also don’t believe there’s any way conceivable Taiwan can hit $30,000. It was $25,000 a year ago. Even accounting for the surge in NTD it still won’t get you there.

Not to mention Samsung has killed off important sectors of Taiwan’s economy: memory chips, displays, handsets.

It will be $30,000 this year. It was already $27,000 or $28,000 last year.



I guess it’s expected to get there very soon.

Here are the Chinese root characters for Chosun Ilbo: 朝鮮日報 (using “朝鮮” for “Korea” which is found sometimes and from which “Land of the Morning Calm” comes).


Where did you get the $28,000 figure?

Since about 60% of Micron’s revenue comes from Inotera, its Taiwan subsidiary, Taiwan has about 15% of the DRAM market vs. Korea’s 75%.

Do you guys know how to take a joke?

I found it funny, I mean in a low chuckle kind of way! I added that clarification in case this was confusing some reading this thread (not you).

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And I like discussing Chinese roots of Japanese and Korean words!

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