New Coronavirus Documentary on Netflix shows Taiwan as Part of China

That map doesn’t show Taiwan. :confused:

Seriously what’s the point of wasting time on individual entities/companies?

Today’s borders and countries are accepted and codified in the ISO spec:

All these bodies are controlled by the UN and powers of the world - which includes all
Members of the UNSC, so China too. If these bodies cannot change the status quo, cribbing about it for every case that comes up is pointless.

Look closer. Or, the contrast is set too low on your monitor.

It’s not pointless. It’s about not accepting China’s State Censorship Apparatus into our lives. These bodies can change the status quo, but sitting here quietly like defeatists is not going to change anything. If we want to, we can abandon Taiwan or we can speak up because the Chinese, on command, cause a scene anytime they feel slighted. If they cause a scene and we don’t, then silence is taken as tacit acceptance. We’re not in China. Why are they enforcing their laws in other countries?

You don’t have to follow the ISO for a work of art. You don’t have to follow official lies.

Let’s increase Taiwan’s Mindshare together. We will earn more defenders with the spread of the truth. And that truth is, I don’t see any yellow stars here.


Very true the CCP will do that. Trouble is we are like 23 000 000 and they are how many ?
We might manage a Sparta on them though.

Sure don’t be silent. But your protest needs to happen on the streets of Geneva. It needs to happens in the alleys of The Hague, in London , DC. What’s the point of cribbing here?

“ You don’t have to follow the ISO” sure you don’t have to. But the ISO was created for a purpose. As a company they’re going to follow it. If i release a new software package and decide prices, I’m simply going to use ISO as the reference and use the country names and borders accordingly. Why should I spend time and effort in dealing with the complication of international politics? You may not like it but that’s how business runs. Check out Apple’s watch specs for series 3. Watches bought in Taiwan mention they cannot be used in China - obviously to follow international guidelines. Why blame individual entities like Apple Netflix or even WHO? Put blame where it lies - on the rest of the world.

Their law? No it’s the worlds law as of today.

What’s so special about today?

Also the UN and its bodies have no lawmaking powers. Countries may agree to certain standards but you’re not breaking any laws by not including Taiwan in China in Western countries.

I don’t only cribb here. But this brings awareness. Netflix is more likely to change it if hundreds contact for the same thing in a short amount of time. It’s meant to make us look bigger than we actually are. Cribbing online allows for other people to know what goes on, it’s a multi-pronged issue that involves companies and politicians and individual mindshare. Both have to be attacked simultaneously and the public have to be educated.

Not necessarily. ISO 3166 is a minority standard. Competing standards, especially open source standards are widely available for software and web apps. Apple, Google and most major companies continue to avoid using ISO 3166.
Watches bought in Taiwan cannot be used in China because it’s Chinese law. Not International law. Taiwanese watches work everywhere else. China either controls the international spec or creates its own when it cannot be controlled. You know this.

I have already almost single-handedly brought awareness of Taiwan’s Democracy to 55000 people.

It takes effort, education and expression.

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All is revealed! Doesn’t fit in with the color coding shown in that 1 to 10,000 scale though.

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Pro-Taiwan pushback is worth many times more than a Wumao’s. We have proof, evidence, shared values, creativity, freedom of speech. It can be done for pennies on the dollar compared to China’s campaign.


This is a really shitty way to look at it. Yes the numbers are stacked against Taiwan but the truth and freedom have to win the day. For the most part, laobaixing Chinese don’t give two rats ass about Taiwan other than the usual CCP talking point of “Taiwan is China”. The western world stands with Taiwan more each day and is waking up to the CCP’s lies and deceit. The money and cheap products have been good for the last 30+ years but you can’t hide the truth forever, especially now with all the free flow of information. You stand up to bullies or else they never leave you alone


Netflix makes 0 dollars in China.

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Good point. Most of their movie watching is pirated and downloaded for free or very cheap.

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I agree , but are you willing to stay on this island and fight if there was an invasion? Just before the last election many on here were saying they would leave if Korean Fish won, so in the face of an invasion I doubt many will stay. Incidentally I was maybe the only one who said I was going no where whatever the outcome. Every country has a hard core who fight, around 10%, the rest flee or capitulate.

The wars of the 21st century will not be fought with bullets, but with words.

The war is on. It’s Now.


Or with viruses. :mask:


Haven’t watched it yet
Now I’m not sure I want to if they can’t even get that shit right
Why should we believe they are an authority on the virus

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It would depend on what I could do to help and what the government, Taiwanese and American, would recommend me to do. No, I would not run straight into the fighting with my kitchen knife but if there was way I could help then I would consider staying. But the CCP doesn’t have the balls to invade anyways so meh.

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This is why we should be calling our MPs, legislators, congresspeople, representatives and government/state heads. Not once. Regularly.

With China low in approval ratings across Western nations and Taiwan higher than ever. NOW is the time to push harder. This is a once-in-a-century event.