New e-mail service w/ 1000GB mailbox

Yes, no typo … 1,000 GB mailbox, have to explore this one, it’s free but is ther’ a catch?

Talk about overkill! I have like 6% of my gmail filled up and thats only like 2gb.

I suspect that’s the point. They can make whatever wild offerings they like because hardly anyone is gonna use more than a few hundred megabytes anyway.

And I bet the interface isn’t as good as gmail.

Sounds too good to be true. Anyway, how long will it take for the company to either charge you money or go out of business altogether? I’m sticking with my gmail. No spam. Haven’t deleted anything in almost two years and used up only 20% of the allowed capacity.

I investigated this site for possible future use and couldn’t figure out how to sign up for it.
If they make that simple feature so damn obscure it bodes ill for them.

I have seen this happen before - Techno wizards (geeks) come up with a really great idea; they get some initial financial backing and put it up and try for more investors; meanwhile they haven’t a clue as to how to relate their idea to the ‘average’ web user - that is, they can’t speak plain damn english that people can understand - they think -“Its all intuitive”; site lingers; no backers; site flounders into quiet obscurity; they burn through initial bankroll and no more $$$'s come in; they go back to work for a mega-service rpovider and talk about the “Great idea that people just weren’t ready for.”

Sound like a personal experience…you’re right.

Actually you have to pay for it if you want some usefull upgrades … I guess they are targetting the upgrades, that way they can finance the free part … 19.95 US$ one time fee … not bad if it’s a good service, but Google is free and they are steadily increasing storage capacity … :slight_smile: