New F-16s in Taiwan soon!

I see it as good news. The Taiwan (ROC) Air force needs new planes. part of the plane is made in Taizhong helping with jobs and sends a message to China that Taiwan still wants control it’s own future. (Also you never know if Taiwan can buy any warplanes in the future, should buy it when you have a chance to!)


and, some other report says thinking of moving them to Taitung

Expensive and not the most advanced but much needed and sends strong signal .

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That message being: if China really did attack there’d me more friendly fire deaths than actual killed by Chinese forces as all those lazy corrupt generals and Taiwanese “armed forces” were called into action

At last week’s military/drone expo there was an activity with people from the air force showing off some newt f16 models and giving a presentation of their capabilities. It was a very cool show overall, there were also some cute girls in military uniform.


Of course…Taiwan style baby!

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pics or it didn’t happen

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I will deliver in the near future.

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The first time I came to Taiwan I was driving up and down the east coast and one beautiful early morning basically this happened:


It was so loud. Pretty epic.


They flew sometimes over Kaoshiung, more common to hear them over central Tainan, as they share the public airport (not sure F-16’s are at Tainan or Franco Dassault airplanes)

in Chiayi according to someone we know

F-16s are based in Chiayi and Hualien. Mirage in Hsinchu. IDF Tainan and Taitung.

They all fly around different locations and sometimes deploy for a short time so could be seeing any plane any place any time.


Taichung has a big airbase too doesn’t it.

And you don’t think.China is corrupt too? ok

Thanks, this happens to be exactly what I was googling for on the weekend, and not too successfully. Nice coincidence to find the answer here :+1:

It’s the longest runway built for American B-52s. No fighters base there but they do drop in.

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They often flew in and out when I lived nearby then.

Thank you for your comment. I’m happy to reply. I in no way implied that China wasn’t corrupt too. Have a lovely day

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Seems some in Taiwan military do think , good story link:

Lol. Why is all that information publicly available? Make it easier for China to plan the invasion?