New F-16s in Taiwan soon!

Cute girls were real military, or COSplay?

from some news reports, Taiwan will get NEW aircraft from the United States.


How many do we need? Do we have enough fighter pilots?

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Maybe Taiwan will get 90 new built.

About time as the old ones approach 30 years of age. How long do fighter jets last anyways?

I heard mainland tourists quite like seeing our jets flying by on their round the island tours.

Taiwan’s current front line fighters are all so old they spend much more time getting repaired than flying and are pretty geriatric

The mirages cost so much to keep flying they don’t even want to fly them much anymore I hear.


We just bought a set of 66 like literally last year. Now we’re buying another 66?

We are taking about the same 66 new built order
There’s talk that more than 66 may be available

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Israel outfitted its F-35s with advanced electronics. They’re even more advanced than American ones. We should do the same with our F-16Vs.

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Israel has invested into local cyber security and defense industry for decades and they are making shit tons off of it as an added bonus. Taiwan needs to do the same. Drones, advanced radars and other high tech electronics are right up Taiwan’s alley and will help Taiwan way more than a dozen fighter jets.


The jets help shore up support in the US for Taiwan nd they act as control center for various high tech weaponry. Also they have their part to play in deterring incursions . I completely agree we should be looking at more drone fleet development .

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Well Tsai mentioned developing indigenous defense that we can export. Let’s see what she’s actually going to do to get there.

Even the most advanced Chinese stealth jets like the J-20 and the J-31 will not escape its eye.


While Japan has purchased the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye outright, Taiwan preferred to upgrade its available E-2K in order to save money on what is described as an expensive aircraft, the Liberty Times reported.

That’s so Taiwanese.


They were upgraded

An old horse is still an old horse even with a new saddle

New shoes do wonders.

New tires on my 16 year old car felt good but now the fuel pump konked out

Them old jets be like old cars

Huge Red Flag.


Active and retired officers interviewed by this report, including Lt. Col. Huang, Maj. Gen. Yu, and navy Capt. Chang were also unanimous in pointing to Defense Minister Yen as a prime example of the type of failed leadership that plagued Taiwan’s military for years. They described Yen as a habitual yes-man who prioritizes pomp-and-show and photo-ops, while at the same time stymieing any call for reform or even minor fixes that could remedy at least part of the military’s dire lack of combat readiness.