New foreign labor policy?!?!


This is an article in the China Post regarding the government response to the 5% unemployment in Taiwan:

Is this going to affect those workers coming from developed western countries? Foreign spouses? Furthermore, such a policy could only lead to further economic turmoil, which will inevitably lead to less jobs, anyway. It’s kind of a catch-22, I guess, but haven’t there been enough examples in the rest of the world to prove that economic prosperity creates jobs, not more regulation and bureaucracy?

It’s obviously a purely political move, and most of the unemployed probably aren’t intelligent enough to see through it. It’ll just make everybody “feel” better. But, hey, that’s the government’s job, I guess. Just the same, how do you feel about this, and what are your opinions?


What is being spoken of in this CHINA POST article are “foreign workers”, which means “blue collar workers”, i.e. run-of-the-mill manual laborers.

People who work in offices, or teachers, specialists, experts, consultants, etc. are all considered white collar. The employment terms and conditions for these people is regulated by the Employment Services Act (ESA). The attitude of the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) as expressed in this article, and the topics being discussed, have no relation to white collar workers, nor do they have any relation to foreign spouses.