🆔 New format for ARC/APRC number is not accepted--testing and reporting thread

How many Bank of Taiwan employees (Taidong branch) does it take to change your old APRC number to the new format in their records? Partial answer: 4 and 40 minutes, and then I took back my card and bank book and walked out because I had to pick up my kid. I was very patient until then [it helps if you a) have spent a lot of time in India or b) grind your teeth two by two, not moving on to the next set until you have recited the lord’s prayer in pig Latin three times]. The service desk dude was most unhappy that I was leaving, but when I asked him how much longer it would be, he said “a few minutes” and then told me I would then have to go to another counter. When I asked how long that would take, he said, with nary a flinch, “an hour.”

Oh, hell yeah.


Public servant mentality. Salary coming in anyway at the end of the month, so no need to rush or solve problems that are too mafan. Pretty sure the 4 people were clueless and were just bouncing your case to the next in line :grin: I had a BOT and a Chunghwa Post account from my student days, which I closed forever with a big smile (under the mask) the day that I went out of quarantine. And it was another pain in the a**.

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NHI doesn’t require updating the new UI.
DMV does require updating but doesn’t charge you for the update.
Banks get notified and you eventually have to provide your new info. Some change it automatically some are a pain in the butt.

Signed up for the Far Eastern Department store app (don’t ask why - my girlfriend suggested doing that because of some coupon reason). New ID format not accepted, so I tried the old one which worked. During the verification at the counter (why do they require verification for an app?!?) the clerk was a bit surprised that the ARC number did not match. Then we pointed to the back of the card and he happily did the verification using the old number.

Ah, and when I went to the Taipei medial University on Thursday, their system couldn’t process my NHI card (which already has the new number). Apparently “something is wrong with the number” (of course it’s not their system, but the card!). They gave me a paper slip with a “registration number” which I should show on the next visit (but they didn’t give me back when I handed it to one of the doctors) :man_shrugging:


Ah, and then there is E.SUN’s eFINGO: Not exactly sure what it is, but only available to “natural persons” in the country. Even after ID number change:


Same with some EasyCard promotion: For nationals only - even when using the new number:


Citibank informed me yesterday it would take at least 1.5 hours and I wouldn’t be allowed to leave during the process. I promptly left.


I took a photo inside my bank branch here in Taoyuan, to analyze and see if I could figure out why these things take so long…



I filed my taxes last Friday. It took longer than usual with a changed ID number.

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For the lulz, I have tried emailing Blizzard. I’ll let you know if/what I get back.


Please, I think getting an WoW Acc in Taiwan is the last big mountain besides dual citizenship for everyone


I received an SMS from CTBC saying they received my info from the NIA I assume and that it will automatically be updated… I don’t trust it though.

Went to Taipei Fubon since they sent me a physical letter asking me to update my info within 7 days. Took me 45 mins and seemed like the guy knew what he was doing, otherwise it would have been longer.

The worst part is that I took my new Taiwan passport and they never asked me for a passport! First time they never asked for it… FML.


Base on my humble 17 years of experience in Taiwan, I will say you have to keep all records copies and if possible make them sign or this letter might give you problems for ever.

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It took me 3hours at Fubon, after that I will recover and do the rest later.


Old and new format not accepted! @fifieldt


The “MyData” platform is based on the core concept of “citizen’s consent and secure access to data”, providing a wide range of data download, online services, and over-the-counter services to bring back the data that originally belonged to the citizens.


function verifyUidExpression(uid){
    return /^[A-Z][1|2]\d{8}$/.test(uid);

We want to download our data too!




If you get past that screen, it tells you to download the Taiwan FiDO APP to continue login: https://fido.moi.gov.tw/ … I wonder if that app allows all residents to login?

Yes, they recently started to allow alien residents to sign up for FIDO!
I already have it on my phone. I was looking where I can use it. So far no luck :grin:

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For the record, once they stopped complaining about how long it would take, it only took about 20 minutes to get the number changed over.

Excuses included:

  • We don’t have enough staff
  • The pandemic is serious
  • Another branch would be more convenient
  • Our clients prefer to make appointments

I used it to pay income tax this year!

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The key word is “citizen”