🆔 New format for ARC/APRC number is not accepted--testing and reporting thread

Vaccine data shows up when I log into the NHI app with my new ID number now.

I guess it just took them a few days to transfer the data over in their system.

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Has anyone successfully updated their 亞太 GT mobile account to the new ID number yet?

Might try tomorrow.

TRA app doesn’t accept new ID format


Could you link to the app store page for the app please :slight_smile:

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Thanks, added to the list on https://identity.tw


Same issue with their Android app. ‘Invalid ID number format’ - used new A(P)RC format

Website as well:

Only Taiwan national ID

// 身份證字號格式驗證
$.validator.addMethod("twid", function(id, element) {

	if (id == null || id == '') { // 次處只檢查格式是否符合,不檢查是否必填(實名制定票有不需要必填的狀況)
		return true;
	// 建立字母分數陣列(A~Z)
	var city = new Array(1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 39, 73, 82, 2, 11, 20,
			48, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 21, 3, 12, 30)
	id = id.toUpperCase();

	// 使用「正規表達式」檢驗格式
	if (id.search(/^[A-Z](1|2)\d{8}$/i) == -1) {
		// console.log('基本格式錯誤');
		return false;
	} else {
		// 將字串分割為陣列(IE必需這麼做才不會出錯)
		id = id.split('');
		// 計算總分
		var total = city[id[0].charCodeAt(0) - 65];
		for (var i = 1; i <= 8; i++) {
			total += eval(id[i]) * (9 - i);
		// 補上檢查碼(最後一碼)
		total += eval(id[9]);
		// 檢查比對碼(餘數應為0);
		return ((total % 10 == 0));

T-Ex app for buying HSR tickets will allow you to add new ID format in the user information section, but not in the ‘add passenger’ section


Your trying to add a Senior/Disabled ticket type though.

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Hmm. Bit shit we can’t buy disabled/senior tickets


The form to be filled before doctor visits in En Chu Gong hospital doesn’t accept ARC


I complained to thsr years ago about the discrimination of senior or disabled foreigners paying full price and they told me in a nice way to pound sand.
Interestingly if I accompanied a Taiwanese disabled person on the train I could magically get a discounted ticket as a foreigner

I boycotted them after this as it is greedy of them even though it doesn’t affect me personally. I just take the bus and leave early morning and sleep on it, save a lot of $. Also not interested in fussing around trying to get an early bird ticket either.


So GT 亞太 are unable to update my ID number in store, they tried but it said the system said they haven’t got permission. Now waiting for response from some kind of management that they called…

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They figured out how to do it and it’s hilarious.

They have to 過戶 “transfer ownership” of my GT mobile account from my old ID number to my new ID number, as their system doesn’t allow for changing ID numbers. Apparently it’s gonna take a long time.

This is the same process that they would do if I was giving my contract to somebody else… crazy.


One important thing to note is that if you had a guarantor for any of the numbers in your account then your guarantor also needs to sign in order to 過戶 “transfer ownership”. Annoyingly, one of my numbers I used a deposit, and one of my numbers I used a guarantor, so my wife is on her way.


Ah, making life easier for the foreigner. This new number scheme is the model of forward thinking :cactus:


Ok never mind! After all that they still weren’t able to do it. Not sure exactly what the final problem was, but they called around and the woman told me “In all of GT mobile, they’ve never had someone change their ID number” which can’t me true. Anyway, they are gonna investigate and call me back, they said within a week.


I wonder if that’s because, according to what I’ve read on Forumosa, 亞太 isn’t exactly welcoming to foreign accounts.

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They aren’t very welcoming, but not as bad Taiwan Star. Foreigners need to give a deposit, or have a guarantor. I’m not willing to pay twice as much for Taiwan Mobile’s semi foreigner friendly service though.


Can someone explain to me again what exactly was the rationale for this horrible number switching scheme?

After around 500 posts, I have lost track.