๐Ÿ†” New format for ARC/APRC number is not accepted--testing and reporting thread

Hard to say cos I also applied for a credit card whilst I was there. But changing the ID + the credit card took about an hour.

Good info. I was gonna update mine despite not using it anymore, now I know that, Iโ€™ll just leave it.



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My case may be an outlier. The lady I got fobbed off on seemed particularly slow and incompetent.


Taiwan Mobile decided to just leave the old number until the contract runs out for me.



So, what do we HAVE to updated after getting a new ID no.?

So far, the things Iโ€™d say you must update are:

NHI card (a must if you want to use the NHI app or pay taxes online properly)

Labor pension account (if you donโ€™t, labor pension office wonโ€™t receive your pension contributions)

Bank accounts (if you want to receive your tax refund)

Mobile phone account (if you want to use NHI app)

Digital citizen certificate (if you use one)

Any private insurances (gov recommends this, but you could always wait until you need to actually claim. I updated mine just in case)


I updated mine at Cathay yesterday, they told me 2 weeks!

I have never in my life seen so much paperwork used in a simple digital update.
What is it with Taiwan, Iโ€™ve only been back a month and have 3 folders stuffed full of documents.
I even bought a printer scanner! filled thumb drive up and got fed up going to 7/11

Whatโ€™s even madder is I keep being told to have personal copies of my copies?


Thanks for the info. Guess Iโ€™ll just hold right then

I also applied for card and updated online login.

Hmm. They didnโ€™t mention thisโ€ฆ hope I donโ€™t have to go back. Btw, how did you know when the update to your ID number was completed?

Said theyโ€™ll email or message me.
I didnโ€™t have online login or a card both new to updated account was a non ARC account.


Taiwan Mobile used my passport number too but when i went to another branch so I could have spotify charged to my bill the lady there was like โ€˜Why did they use your passport number, not your ARC?โ€™


Itโ€™s a real hassle if they use your passport number rather than your ARC number, as you are unable to verify your identify with lots of different online systems that use your mobile number to confirm identity. NHI app and myData are two Iโ€™ve encountered.

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Update on my Cathay bank account being verified.
They forgot a certain document for me stamp and sign, so sent to me via email 7 pages, say please print out stamp and sign, scan and send back so we know youโ€™ve done it correctly, then post to bank, that is a 10 minute walk from my apartment!


I got a text on Thursday to say my account had been updated. However, I think it had actually been updated more than a week earlier, since I have been able to log in to my online banking with my new ID number for over a week now.

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Did you have to reinstall the app?

No. I couldnโ€™t login with my old ID number anymore and then tried with new number and it worked. No fuss at all. Iโ€™m on iOS if it makes a difference.

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It just got me worried.
I just the app everyday for money transfer with my coworkers and it would be a PITA if it stopped working.


Fuck that stupid crap in Taiwan.
Just opened a bank account online it took me about 15 mins to do in a European country, once I had a couple of the required docs. All image recognition tech, almost all automated . Approval a day later or something. Process is deliberately simplified and avoiding any face to face or phone stuff, opposite of Taiwan.