New Forum for Learners, Teachers and Users of Chinese

Hi all,

Not to take away from Forumosa, but since there is a lot of discussion on Chinese here that could probably be better categorized, divided, sliced up and analyzed to death without taking up Forumosa bandwidth, and including folks who are not necessarily only Taiwan-oriented, I’m rolling out the following (currently brand-spanking new and totally empty :blush: ) forum:

Feel free to pop over, register, and post. It will take some time to get a critical mass going, but I plan to promote the site to colleges and schools of Chinese, institutions that teach interpreting and translation, the American Association of Chinese Teachers, and anyone else you can suggest. Obviously, as I’m a mild-mannered translator not a programmer, it’s a work in progress, but your contributions will be its lifeblood, so post early, post often! :smiley:

Oh, yeah…and to point out the bugs!!! :noway:

For instance, I keep getting un-logged-in when I try to post…what’s up with that?

I’m sure you already put a lot of work into the forum, but I have to ask what’s wrong with that made you want to start another forum?. It’s not focused on Taiwan, just Chinese.

Nothing wrong with it, but I haven’t frequented it. I’m not familiar with it.

We do have both Carrefour and Costco, Forumos and TaiwanHo, don’t we?

Dear Ironlady,

Why don’t you add some content to your web site to attract some “eyeballs”?

Unless, you want your web site just to be a forum site.

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

Got any you would suggest? I haven’t got time lately – busy buying a house and trying to make a living!! :smiley: Good idea, though.


Dear Ironlady,

Have you ever been to Adam Sheik’s Chinese (Cantonese) Help Sheets web site?

According to a post by the webmaster Adam found at this web page:,33763

Adam wrote:

[quote]January was a record month in terms of unique visits, with just over 50,000 different people using the site.
The average number of visits per day has increased to 2600+ and over the month, 800,000 pages were served.

I bet I still can’t get a sponsor though! :slight_smile:


I remember when Adam first announced his web site at the forums.

It wasn’t much then. Only a few web pages of Cantonese vocabulary under a few subject headings such as “weather”, “food”, “country names”, etc.

Now he has added a forum, a dictionary, a chat room, etc.

He gets so much traffic that he sometimes has bandwidth trouble and has to ask for donations to keep his site up.

Lots of times web surfers try to download his entire site causing problems for him.

I’m sure you know more Chinese than he does. Since you’re able to read Chinese and do translation work while he’s still at the “frustrated that he can only recognize a few characters here and there” stage.

Why don’t you do a web site with some Mandarin or Taiwanese vocabularies under a few subject topics as a start?

Here is the link to the “home page” for Adam’s site for you to get some ideas:

Also, you might try e-mailing Adam for some ideas and advice. He’s a very friendly guy.

I’ll post some more ideas at your forum when I have time since this is a “Learning Chinese” forum and this is getting way off topic.

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

That was a cool use of the “.us” branch I’ve never seen. I’m making a note of that. :slight_smile:

[quote]Oh, yeah…and to point out the bugs!!! No way!

For instance, I keep getting un-logged-in when I try to post…what’s up with that?[/quote]
That’s probably because of the cookie settings found in the the admin control panel-> General Admin -> Configuration -> Cookie settings.

If you need help getting the correct setting (or have any other problems) feel free to PM me or whatever. I’ve broken my forums so many times I’ve lost count (I fixed them again of course :smiley: ).

I just don’t have time to mess with them right now, that’s the problem. Maybe when we get into the new house (finally…if they don’t screw up the deal any more than they already have…) :noway:

What’s wrong? Nutty Chinese nationalists and stupid people, both by the boatload. I’m done with CF. Looking forward to ironlady’s new site.

Oh, guys—the pressure is fiendish!! I was hoping to just work on buying our house at this point, and not have to worry about the board… but of course you are welcome to post anything you like…(I begin to feel Goose Egg and Maoman’s pain on the Forumosa things, and I’ve only got a board that no one goes to yet!) :slight_smile:

Dear all,

Ironlady wrote:

My God!! Where are your priorities?

Chinese language should take precedence over buying a house and trying to make a living!

Seriously, good luck with your house buying!

And, what kind of problems are you having with your house buying?

Still, I think you should be able to spend at least 15 minutes at the end of each day just before bed to visit your forum and perhaps answer a few posts. It might also be a relaxing way to end your day. :slight_smile:

After all, even with your job and house buying, you’ve still been able to post the occasional message to this forum so why not to your own forum?

Especially since the last few days there have been quite a few postings put up there.

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

Yes, you’re right of course… :frowning: I clearly need some shock therapy to put my priorities back in order!

I’ll try to be better…anyway it’s nice to know that someone actually would like to use such a forum! :laughing:

Thanks for the info, ironlady. I just registered.