** New Friends **

Hi boys and girls, I am a Taiwanese-American grew up in CA. I am here in Taipei due to some family matters / work and I am looking for some new friends here. If you are from the states that is even better since I miss my family and friends back home so much and I miss speaking ENGLISH!! So if you are like me, feel free to drop me an email and let’s hang out sometimes. I am a 25/f, outgoing and easy to get along with. Hope to hear from all of you soon. Thanks! :slight_smile: oh… are you a turtle??

Is it important, You only want to make friends with a turtle ? :smiley:

Turtles are for good luck in the Chinese temple…


No, I am asking this question because it is a clue for me to find my own kind, haha, but I will be friends with everybody!

so, you are going to start a turtle club, aren’t you?

mutant ninja turtlex

Oh, I thought that was either something from Chinese astrology (what? there’s no Year of the Turtle!) or a reference to being cuckolded.

Um, well, what sort of interests do you have? And what will you be doing while you’re here–studying? working?

My interests: Long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, bondage and domination, world peace…

Ah right, forgot to mention that I’m HAPPILY GIRLFRIENDED–OUT, DEMON, OUT! “Oh hi honey, didn’t see you standing behind me watching me type…”

Please show us a picture. :smiley:

Post a picture?? I will try to scane it ASAP. As for me, I like reading, watching movies, pool, bowling, hanging out w/ friends and gambling!! BUT, Las Vegas are a little too far away for me. I like to explorer as well, so yeah… I am pretty outgoing I should say.
I am here for work, and should be here for another year or two, it all depends. So where is everybody from and what do you guys do for work??
~ me ~

Most people here are in the English-related (teaching, editing etc) industry, you will also find a few lawyers.

I work in finance.

Most people are in a state of flux.

True, but i find that the long-timers here are usually pretty much settled down. Stable jobs, family, kids etc. Some even commute!

Oh…Okie, I see I see…but does it mean that they are not sociable??
Hmm… I doubt it!

Post that pic, and if it’s sufficiently eye-catching, I’m sure you’ll find many of us highly sociable.


So are you guys saying that if I am not a good looking, then there goes my chance of meeting new ppl in TW?? Hmm… that is not good…so I guess looks are important after all. :?

Now wait a minute. That’s not necessarily true. Please post your bank account balance also. :wink:

MiakaW: you’ve already won our hearts! We don’t care WHAT you look like, we just want to SEE you. Post the pic already!

Don’t worry, most of us here are butt ugly. Well, I guess I should just speak for myself!

SCREAMING JESUS: you had me LOL in the ecafe today with this post: "I forgot to mention that I’m HAPPILY GIRLFRIENDED–OUT, DEMON, OUT! “Oh hi honey, didn’t see you standing behind me watching me type…”

I am still laughing at that. thanks for the good laugh!

The looks are not all-important, but they’re highly effective bait. And we’re not just talking about well-moulded features and contours here. What we’re really eager to see is whether you exude beguiling appeal and have eyes that can stop us in our tracks like the headlights of a car transfixing a rabbit in the middle of a country road.

So do be a sport and post the pic.

Okie… I will def. be a good sport and get on it! Hmm… give me awhile, ok? Cuz I need to find a free scanner first…
Oh…BTW, I am having a terrible day @ work… ahhhhhhhhhhh!! :x