New Game: Add Quote/Caption to the Picture

Ok, not a lot of difficult rules to this game. Someone simply posts an odd picture and others come up with a funny caption or words someone in the picture is saying. When people tire of that picture someone else can post another picture. People can post as many or as few quotes/captions as they wish. Persons posting a picture don’t need to add a caption to it, but I’ll do so just to get the ball rolling.

“I told you, it’s BONO, not boner! Say that one more time and I’ll smack you!”

BONO: Hmm… Must be something up with my x-ray specs today. It usually registers SOMETHING inside people’s heads.

GWB: I loved you in Mork & Mindy! Good Morning Vietnam, too! Do my teeth look OK?

“Nickel, dime, penny, nickel, quarter, penis, nickel, dime…”

I’m NOT gonnah say it ageen. STOP making squishy sounds when I walk!

gwb: you want a piece of me?

“You ain’t from here are ya’ son?”

Ok, maybe it’s time for a new picture.

“You ain’t from here are ya’ son?”[/quote]

Come on, one more:

GWB: Now, son-may I call you Bone? Bone, my people, uh, they tell me that, uh, for, you know, uh, for Clinton, you tucked yore shirt in, now is that true???

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Ok, maybe it’s time for a new picture.

Look, I can talk out of my arse!

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Ok, maybe it’s time for a new picture.


Excuse me miss, do I have any dog shit on my shoes?

Caption #1:
I sure hope the NHI covers this.

Caption #2:
Looks like dem dingle berries is jus ‘bout ready fer harvestin’.

  • Look what ASSana yoga can do for you!

  • The Do-It-Yourself Ass-Kissing Kit includes…

  • Do regular self-examinations to detect for signs of cancer - this ad sponsored by the American Proctology Association.

  • Meet Luke A. Mionass, the less ambitious brother of - Haddup Mionass

Training ground injury to Ghana’s top striker puts Rooney’s metatarsal into perspective.

Taiwanese police ask for help from public to track down plumber who has been masquerading as a surgeon in Taipei for the past two years as yet another former patient comes forward.

“So honestly, does my bum look big in this?”

[quote=“igorveni”][quote=“Mother Theresa”]Ok, maybe it’s time for a new picture.

Look, I can talk out of my arse![/quote]

Wrong picture, mate – you meant that caption for the Bush photo, right? :smiley:

New pic…

“Wabbit. B-U-N-N-Y. Wabbit.”

“Wow. Miss July looks pretty hot! I wouldn’t mind having a few hundred babies with her!”

1 (2 1/2 pound) rabbit, cleaned and cut into pieces
2 3/4 cups red wine vinegar
1 medium onion, thinly sliced…

…If only I had some fava beans and a nice ciante.

Whoa! Check out the tits on THAT bitch!

we’re done with the rabbit pic already?