New Game Shop in Taipei: Warhammer/40K


Hi all

Last weekend my friend and I visited a new game shop in Taipei. They sell Games Workshop products, Flames of War (WWII miniature game), Magic, and other board games. It is rather spacious and it has 5 gaming tables with a painting station. Clean and tidy. The staff speaks english and is very helpful.

They have been hosting various Warhammer Fantasy & 40K tournaments with big prizes.

Address: “Elf’s Diamond” at Din Zhou Road, Section 2, #335 (close to Shr Da Road)

Phone: (02) 2368-3047

Hours: M-F 3pm to 9:30pm; weekends/holidays 10:30am to 9:30pm


Thanks for the info. Iam still new to the hobby and looking for some guys here in taipei to play against.


In case anyone is looking for them, they are now located on 344 North Fuxing Road, 2nd floor. It’s not far from the Zhongshan Junior High School MRT station on the Brown line.