New Glasses...sort of

So the left ear piece on my glasses finally snaps this afternoon. I have been expecting it. The frames are about 10 yrs old and metal fatigue at the stem-ear piece has been becoming increasingly obvious.

Now I know the rep here on Taiwan about the ease of getting glasses and how quick it is done. Heck, there are at least 7 shops within a 5 minute stroll of Casa Cowboy.

So, the wife gets home, we eat supper and I mention that I need to get new frames. She lights up and drags me out the door to “Her” eyeglass shop. Its a 7 minute walk. I been by the place a 1000 times. One guy runs it, mid-30s, nice guy.

I go in, she tells him what I want. He looks at me. I nod and say ‘huh huh’…he smiles and picks out exactly what I need. Except my lenses are about 2xs the size to fit the frames. And these are no-line bi-focal lenses.
I explain to the wife. She explains to him. He looks at me and says a phrase when has become my #1 Go To line here - Buh wen day.

He ambles off the back of the shop. I hear a grinding wheel buzzing. We set down and watch some Taiwan game show with kids trying to identify songs and such.
5 minutes later he strolls back in and puts the new frames with the lenses cut to fit in some magic vibrating wash tank. ! minute later he pulls them out and hands them to me to try on. I do so. Mention a slight adjust might be needed as my ears don’t set level on my haid. He does the adjustment and hands them back.
And only NT$800.
And they are made of titanium. Like they use on space ships…he says.

We exchange gracious thanks and then head out the door to walk home. I try to explain how happy this makes me and to her I’m silly to expect otherwise.
She just takes such a thing for granted.
Not me though. Its a treat when something goes so smoothly.

Did I mention how much I hate wearing glasses?
Thats another story.
One that hopefully will end with me telling about a trip for laser eye correction.
But thats another time.

Talk about a diamond in the rough!

Next time you’re by there, could you ah ask how much for the magic vibrating tank, I’ve got ah a few non-optician uses for it that are better left unspoken at this juncture.

You do NOT want to put your testicles into an ultrasonic bath. trust me on this!

Who said anything about my nads, James Westfall (my left one) and Doctor Kenneth Noisewater (my right one)? They’re already grapefruit-sized and smooth as a baby’s bottom - I was talking about The Octagon (ahem), hopin maybe a dip in the bath will get me my circumcised inches back and at the same time eliminate the need for weekly waxing. Are you suggesting that might be inadvisable for some reason?

don’t you get all Willy Ferrel on me now, ya hear?

Ok, OK, getting back on topic because I want my posts to COUNT.

So, TC: new glass frames with old lenses. Isn’t that a bit un-biblical, like putting new wine in old skins? How do you know your eyes haven’t gone further out of synch? Or are they just your wanking glasses. (safety first)

[quote]We exchange gracious thanks and then head out the door to walk home. I try to explain how happy this makes me and to her I’m silly to expect otherwise.
She just takes such a thing for granted.
Not me though. Its a treat when something goes so smoothly.[/quote]

Aww wonderful!! The little pleasures in our lives that just light up the day.

I got fitted for new glasses today too!! Lost my old ones… about time, since I’d been bitching about how ugly they were since I bought them two years back.

Took about 5 minutes to get my prescription, then about 40 minutes for me and a classmate to run back and forth in the store trying everything on, during which the store lady was very, very gracious (though she had no taste… everything she picked out was horrible).

In Australia it takes two weeks just to get an appointment to get your eyes tested (which costs about $50AUD itself) and then once you picked out your glasses, you’re looking at at least $200 plus another two week wait before they’ll be ready.

So when the lady said it was NT$1800 all up and they’d be ready tomorrow evening, I almost died with happiness. (Me: Ok, that’s fine! Classmate(who’s from Macau): … can you make it cheaper? Are you sure? Come on, we’re students! (Note that this was AFTER the student discount).

I was just so happy it was so easy that I didn’t care. =D Last time I got a pair done here (my horrid last ones) I went to friends of a friend, who were very expensive and took ages… Today, however, I was very happy :slight_smile:

It’s good to be reminded why you chose to live where you do!


Yes it is.

What is Buh wen day? :eh:

I assume it’s maiwenti

TC, try HGH, it improves eyesight and muscles. Good luck.

Canada’s the same way; we’re so spoilt here in Taiwan. Inexpensive glasses/contacts in minutes or hours at the most!
It bothers me a bit that we don’t get the yearly optometrist exams to test for glaucoma etc, but it sure makes things convenient!

As far as the laser surgery go, my mate in Korea told me it’s only US$1000 (for two eyes) to have it done there which is about half the price compared to Taiwan.

What’s the quality like though? What’s it cost in the US, anyone know? I’m thinking of getting it done before the sands run out on my time on this isle.

Also, if I get it done in Asia, do my eyes end up all squinty like Sean Connery in You Only Live Twice?

Apparently very good, my friend had had it done a few days before I went over there and he had already recovered entirely. They use the latest generation of Lasik surgery from what he was saying. The only downside (or upside depending on how you look at it) is that you have to spend 10 days in Korea for the follow-up appointments.

Just make an appointment at the eye clinic at a big hospital like Ren’Ai and say you’d like a checkup on your eyes including glaucoma and a new prescription for glasses, and they’ll do both for you.

I have a pretty comprehensive health insurance package (at 5200$ per month it’d better be), but it doesn’t cover eyes and teeth. :cry:

At normal optometrists I have paid 2-3k for new glasses. There’s a wee shop in the UrChong Carrafour that does glasses and frames for 800$. I bought 3 pair! :discodance:

I know, right? There are some seriously wonderful things about Taiwan! I’ve never had a less than blissful experience getting new glasses in Taiwan, lenses, frames, contacts, all of that, quick, friendly, and cheap!

I’m due to get my first set of glasses the moment I stop putting it off. Any day now. :neutral:


TC, try HGH, it improves eyesight and muscles. Good luck.[/quote]
What is HGH?

What is HGH?[/quote]
Huang Guang Hen.


Yes it is.[/quote]

Since we are exchanging glsses experiences here… yep, it is a blesing when everything goes smoothly.

I broke the right arm of my favorite pair. No problem, I thought, I’ll get it fixed and use the other ones in the meantime. Oops, can’t find it, and last time I saw the extra pair, it was in India.

The guy at Famous Glasses Store tells me the glasses can’t be fixed, better upgrade to a newer model, same famous brand, 15K. No, thanks.

Then I remembered Costco also carries the brand. Yep, they can fix them, yep, only 2000nt to change the broken leg for a new one, but I have to wait a week, they fly the stuff directly from Europe. Talk about service.

In the meantime, since the other pair is nowhere to be found, I get a new one made, almost like the one “lost”, 3 days, with sunglass attachments, for less than 2000nt -no famous brand. Whole process takes 10 minutes, tops, if you take out the time it takes to choose your favorite rim.

Oh, and the extra pair finally appeared… at the bottom of the laundy basket. Don’t ask.