New Government Website for Foreigners

I just read about this in the Taipei Times. What do you think of it?

Looks to me like at the moment it’s just a shell. They don’t actually have any real information on a lot of the things I clicked on.

The coolest part is the Chinese lessons (if you can find it). Very nice pronunciation examples, but unfortunately no pin-yin of any sort (even Tongyang, Heaven help us) and the voice is so fast I can barely keep up (and my Chinese is not too bad).

the drop down menu doesn’t lead to the correct page. you have to guess at where to click, and hope you get the (sparse) info you were looking for …

but hey, that’s not bad. surely good enough … :wink:

Its a start. Hope it develops into a useful tool.

I like this section:
“標題小標誌 Visitor Visas for Working Holiday Makers (Working Holiday Visas)”

I like the sound of that one…“A Working Holiday Maker”

party on dude!

looks like one of the web people might be a hillbilly:
“主標題標誌 Homefolks”