New Hampshire bill to ban government Critical Race Theory-based training

Can you name any you do not have disdain for?

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off the top of my head, i can think of one from whom even an apology wouldn’t do.
let me give you a hint

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You’ve written a lot of words, but none of them answer my questions, and they’re certainly not about CRT. I see you’re emotional, but could you please tone it down a bit. Not sure why you feel the need to respond to me in this manner. Some of your comments are quite hurtful. @TT I’m trying to understand your position on CRT. As a fellow Canadians, I thought you would be willing to have a civil discussion. Perhaps you can get back to me when your interested in a good faith discussion. I’m sure we can get past this. Until then, enjoy the true north strong and free


I’m explaining why I don’t care to answer your questions

I think we’ve established that what you think you see and what actually is are two different things

You called me a liar and a troll and refused to back it up or apologize, so don’t talk to me about good faith discussions, thank you.

because you wrote this.

You seem to have a lot of disdain for so called “SJWs” but the Federal leader you support is a self described warrior for social justice

You started this series of conversations by calling @TT a troll (you may say you just questioned to clarify, but is it a meaningful difference?), because you think it is inconsistent that someone criticizing CRT voted to NPD. The poster asked why it is inconsistent, and you have not explained it yet.

The tone of @TT’s posts doesn’t sound emotional for me. Your poests do sound so, sometimes.

I don’t think asking someone is a troll or not is a part of effort to understand someone’s position.


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The court seems to feel this is more than some kind of Fox News fantasy, apparently. Hopefully this website will serve as a sufficient link to the court’s response.

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Interesting and optimistic talk, sounds like more legal challenges coming.

Here’s an interview with his mom, FWIW

I wonder how Crackpot Race Theory explains Louis Farrakhan’s anti-semitism. Hard to square that one with the claim that black people can’t be racist. Maybe he’s just ignored as a crackpot too far.

There was a lot of fuss with the Women’s March darling Linda Sarsour for the same reason (and her connection to Farrakhan); I seem to recall the Women’s March movement basically dissolved because of these kinds of problems with leadership. And hence the only logical conclusion for intersectionalism.

Or maybe his work is taken within it’s proper historical context. Sort of like Dr. Seuss.

Would you give Hitler Jordan Peterson the same consideration?

edit: The proper historical context of barely 2 years ago?


Should we also read Mein Kampf in its “proper historical context”?
EDIT: TT, sorry, we must have written that at the same time :slight_smile:

I sometimes can’t tell if McNulty is being serious or playing a caricature.


Yes! Do you prefer banning it? I prefer that it can be read and discussed for the POS that it is.

Also, that comp between Hitler and Farakkhan is poor.


I wonder how many Jews would agree with you

You mean like myself?

Good try at gotcha though. Mazel Tov.

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Assuming you are Jewish (how would I know?) that would make 1. And agreeing with yourself doesn’t count, so still 0.

I agree. Hitler was more competent.

Farrakhan was born during a turbulent period in a turbulent country. He’s an anachronism. There is no “historical context” other than the chip on his shoulder. He’s exactly the same animal as the neo-Nazis in Germany: an embarrassment to modern America.