New Hawaii Five-O TV series beginning in the fall 2010

[quote=“CBS on May 19, 2010”]CBS announced that a new reimagined version of Hawaii Five-O, this one set in present-day Hawaii, will join the network’s 2010–2011 fall lineup. The updated version will star Alex O’Loughlin as Detective Steve McGarrett, Scott Caan as Detective Danny “Danno” Williams, Daniel Dae Kim as Detective Chin Ho Kelly, Grace Park as Detective Kona Kalakaua, Jean Smart as Governor Patricia “Pat” Jamenson and Taryn Manning as Mary Ann McGarrett.[/quote]I’ve always wondered if or when CBS would try a remake of this classic TV series which ran from 1968 to 1980. I hope it ends up being as good as the original.

Original Hawaii Five-O and intro starring Jack Lord

New 2010 Hawaii Five-O intro starring Alex O’Loughlin

In 1998 an updated version of Hawaii Five-O was proposed to CBS starring Gary Busey and Russell Wong. CBS decided against it. Here’s the 1998 version’s intro.

Seems like it should be 6.0 or 5.1 by now. I’m looking forward to seeing the A-team movie. or A+

Except for the fact that Scott Caan is essentially a talking vagina, it looks promising. Don’t think it could beat the coolness of the original though. Just look at Jack Lord’s hair man! The car, the 70’s look… As for the 98 version, yeah Gary Busey’s a fuck up and all but you know it’s that sort of outside the box thinking (or low budget thinking) that could actually make it interesting.

and just who the sam hell is alex o’laughlin? they couldn’t pay shia labeouf enough alkeehol and weed to get with the program? kim makes sense though, he doesn’t even have to leave his recent set

nice compilation surfer dude

Book 'im Danno. God, I HATED that show!

Seconded. Especially the first few seasons, with it’s bare bones black & white look.

What an unfortunate nose.

[quote=“sandman”]Book 'im Danno. God, I HATED that show![/quote] Preach it. That show, like 99.999% of mainstream kulcha in the 70s, was just one more reminder in a long fucking line of reminders of how squalid life really was back then (my life, anyway). Thank god illegal drugs were around, that’s all I can say. I can’t even hear the words “by Mennen” or “book 'im Danno” without wanting to search my couch for long lost hallucinogens.

Ya got to wonder just how many young people who somehow find the 60s and 70s so fine in the yellow glow of some false nostalgia would have eaten a bullet if they’da actually been BORN by then. :slight_smile:

Jesus, Hawaii Five Oh. :loco:

Good to see one is so well adjusted. It must be tough having to suffer all those traumatic flashbacks. Though I do get what you mean about misplaced nostalgia. I actually enjoyed growing up in the 70’s. And compared to the hideous abomination of the 80’s, anything even mediocre appears to have a gilded aura.
But no matter, to each their own. As for Hawaii 5-0, I enjoyed the earlier years with it’s funky ambiant music, horriblly sytlish wardrobe, and interesting location shots. I had an interest, and still do, in all things Hawaiian. Sure it was cheezy, but so was pretty much everything else at that time.