New Health Care Tax

Apparently, there is a new tax being levied this year for all work, be it part time or contract. Each “worker” will be taxed 2% as will each employer. Has anyone heard of this? Are there any legal beagles that know of any loopholes. For instance, I work for the Flob. It does not provide me any health coverage as I am a contractor. Yet I still have to pay 2% as will Goose Egg.

This seems like a blatant cash grab. I am not amused. :fume:


That’s how I understand it. Employers and employees both pay 2% of all income not from your initial health insurance provider. That includes various kinds of investment income. It’s known as “second-generation health insurance.”

I know the NHI is cash strapped. Is this the best solution? I already pay for my own NHI. Now I have to pay more??? Brutal. It really affects my other business as well. Already thin profit margins stretched even thinner.

2% tax is not going to kill anybody. Besides Taiwanese are unlikely to report all their income in the first place. The blatant cash grab is the 70% of Taiwan’s tax revenues paid by salaried workers!

That’s the biggest problem with this tax. It targets the salaried workers that can’t lie on their tax return.

The laobans aren’t worried, they are not affected.

I guess I’ll have to go to the doctor 2% more to make up for it :wink:

Dan, the 2% tax is on investments, such as dividends, rental income, company profits (it’s capped at a fairly low amount though) and consultancy income (here you have a point). Tax on salaries is approx 4.9 % premium give or take a little.