New here

hello everyone, im new here i dont know where to put my topic so i put it here :slight_smile:


Are you new to Taiwan, or are you just new to Forumosa?

new to forumosa,an oversea chinese (chinese-filipino) just got out from the military

Congratulations on surviving the military! :discodance:

thanks zender :slight_smile:

welcome MR Naruto

Welcome, sleepybaby! :slight_smile:

So which one is really you???

thanks :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks

the avatar :laughing:

Welcome to Forumosa!

I sent his to you as a PM, but I guess you haven’t noticed you’ve got a PM box yet. Anyway…

Your signature image is a little on the large side. Could I impose on you to resize it? This is from

the rules:

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Thanks for the trouble!

sorry didnt notice my PM, gonna resize my sig now, thanks Maoman