New hostel/event venue opening near Songshan Station

Hey guys,

I recently got a job at this new hostel that’s opening up, called The Meeting Place. It’s near Songshan Train Station, and within walking distance of Houshanpi MRT Station. You can read all about it at

Of possible interest to the community here is that we will be hosting events such as weekly Beer Nights on Fridays, where people can come over for a casual and relaxing get-together (first one is this Friday). The charge at the door will be NT$100, which will include one beer. Subsequent beers will be sold at less-than-at-a-bar prices. We’re also planning to lead walks to the Raohe Night Market on Mondays, and offer very basic Chinese lessons on Wednesdays. That would all be free, and mainly geared towards hostel guests, but everyone is welcome.

We’ll probably be planning some interesting events in the future too. We have a nice big common area with a digital projector for showing movies and stuff. If you want to know when there’s stuff in the works, you can either check back to our website or you can follow The Meeting Place on Facebook or Twitter.

Hope to see some new faces around!


p.s. I don’t want to spam the forums. If this kind of post isn’t cool, please let me know. I read the Rules page, but I didn’t see anything against making an announcement about your business.