New HTC One

has anyone picked up this phone? I plan on getting one, but seem stuck on a wait list.

I don’t think anyone will have their hands on one until after the 26th of April. Those people are the ones who per-ordered almost a month ago. My guess is that it wont be in stores to buy (without a wait list) until well into May. I don’t know if this is a poor marketing move or just one big flub up. Either way, it is not helping HTC.

Well, at least it’s still faaaaar faster to hit the Taiwan market (from international release date) than any iPhone… and as far as the competition goes, I haven’t seen a single Galaxy S4 in shops yet, not even demo units. Perhaps you’re just getting antsy because you ordered one? :wink:

I spoke yesterday with the HTC store dudes. Their answer was something like “we know you preordered it, we will notify you when you have it ready”. Asking about an approximated date, all I got was “probaby at the end of the month”. Not a very professional attitude, if you ask me.

Perhaps this is a dumb question, but are HTC phones generally cheaper in Taiwan than in other markets?

They having supplier problems, it is delayed almost everywhere not only in Taiwan. HTC has to be in deep trouble if they have to sell that phone below 20k because its much better than the HTC Butterfly, better build and better specs and still its round 4k less expensive.

I know about the supplier problems, but last week I read that they reached an agreement to have access to the needed supplies.

Anyways, you can have supplier problems, but you should offer the clients (at least the ones that preordered) a specific date (or at least, a good estimate), as well as an official explanation of the delays. I don’t mind waiting if the company offers me an explanation, but being vague and mysterious doesn’t help with the company public image.

Looks like May 15th will be the arrival date for advanced orders of the HTC One.
In store, In-stock availability is still sketchy at best. Seems all stores are out of stock right now and they are not expecting anymore until maybe mid to late May.

The 16G is selling for 19,999
The 32G is selling for 21,900
The 64G is selling for 24,900

HTC Butterfly
Only 16G available, selling for 21900

So…its not 4,000 less. It is only about 2,000 less.
I wonder why though.

[quote=“Quarters”]Looks like May 15th will be the arrival date for advanced orders of the HTC One.
In store, In-stock availability is still sketchy at best. Seems all stores are out of stock right now and they are not expecting anymore until maybe mid to late May.[/quote]

where did you get that information? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Blaquesmith”][quote=“Quarters”]Looks like May 15th will be the arrival date for advanced orders of the HTC One.
In store, In-stock availability is still sketchy at best. Seems all stores are out of stock right now and they are not expecting anymore until maybe mid to late May.[/quote]

where did you get that information? :slight_smile:[/quote]

From an HTC rep at an HTC store and confirmed that from a friend who works for HTC in their Taiwan office.

Then It sucks, and that means that HTC will sell the One in US (and a couple more countries) earlier than in Taiwan. Have I already said that this sucks?

I think their Taiwan market is pretty solid so they are not worrying too much about it. Besides, they are still riding the wave of all the HTC Butterfly (DNA) sales they made and are still making. I know gobs of people who own the Butterfly (DNA). A lot of people here don’t even know about the HTC One yet. There has been virtually no marketing for it at all here.

They should have learned by now that you can’t take anything by granted. Samsung spends humongous amounts of cash in marketing, even in Korea (their home market). A huge company can’t afford to lose any market, and if you can’t even get a hold of your own home… well…

I’m with you on this.
Did you know they replaced their head of marketing?
There is talk that HTC is changing their slogan too. It used to be “Quietly Brilliant” and now it is changing to something along the lines of “Bold and Playful”
They ran a very short add in the States that was a spoof on the Bachelorette Tv show. I watched it and…well…it tanked in my opinion. Totally playing to the wrong crowd.
the video in the article has been taken down, but the article is still interesting to read.

Except its not the marketing people’s fault but a supply chain issue. CEO and Chairwoman hold that responsibility, possibly by cutting back too much last year as an overreaction.

I’m not complaining about the delay per se. It’s obvious that HTC would want to have the One rocking the market upside down already. But it hasn’t been possible because of the components shortage. The gambit they played with the camera was a good one if you take the reviews into account, but since they picked tailor-made components, they couldn’t pick another supplier easily when their original choice stalled the delivery. We could argue here if it’s more or less HTC’s fault because they didn’t foresee this and they didn’t have a plan B in place to solve this contingency. Preventive Actions 101: anticipate everything and have an emergency plan should the worse happen.

Now to the damage control part: I suppose that HTC has a handsomely paid PR/marketing chief. I’m no major in marketing, but I was working for quite some time as Quality/environmental/Health&Safety manager back at my country. One of the things you have to take care first are the emergency plans in case something awful happens. When sh*t hits the fan, it’s imperative that the company gives a quick, official answer to the shareholders/clients/interested parties. Someone has to do it. Up until now, almost everything have been rumours, smoke, and misdirection. It seemed to be that HTC was downgraded as a premium client by some suppliers, it seemed to be that HTC had problems with some pieces for the new state-of-the-art ultrapixel camera, and so on.

How would I had managed it: First of all, an official press release.

“HTC wanted to put the One in the stores on [insert date here], but, sadly, some crucial parts for the Ultrapixel camera are not ready, so, we will have to delay until [insert the fixed release date here]. This is in no way HTC’s fault, but since we betted heavily on technological advancement, we cannot depend on just anyone to handle the Ultrapixel camera components, so we will have to wait a little more to see the One on the wild”. That’s one short way of doing it, but they could elaborate much more on that. They could even give some actual names, pissed people love having someone specific to blame, and people in general like coherent explanations. If you can’t have something ready for the deadline, make at least sure to have a good explanation about why did it happen this way, and reassure the client that it won’t happen again.

You also have to readress the situation for the Ultrapixel camera suppliers. You can’t depend only on one supplier for such a crucial component. If it was a 13 MP camera, such as the one in many top-tier smartphones right now, you could switch providers quickly, but since it’s something tailor-made, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket, because you risk making a mess. You need to be able to declare your agreement void and switch suppliers if they mess with the schedule, or pass half the production onto another supplier if the first one can’t deliver.

The last one: Since there are a lot of pre-orders, guys (like me) that have put money upfront to get the phone, there should be a way of compensate those that supported the phone launch early, and that will be more pissed because they already spent that money, so changing their minds would mean losing that money for good. How to deal with that? I don’t know. It doesn’t have to be something tangible, could be a bonus app, or a personalization for the phone (though I’m sure some people could find a discount offer for purchasing accessories a nice treat). Keep people happy, and if you can’t deliver something on time, offer a compensation. A small one will probably do. And if you don’t want to, at least give them all the information and offer refunds for the preorders in case they want to back up. Being offered makes a great difference, and speaks well of the company. If I could opt to back up, but I had been offered a good explanation by HTC, I doubt that I even wanted to cancel my preorder. Pissed off guys that don’t know anything because they haven’t been given a decent official explanation might decide to lose their money and pick an Xperia or a Galaxy S4 if they see it before the One. It’s as simple as that.

Regarding marketing: seriously, HTC. Fire the marketing guy. You can’t decide to change the slogan, tell everyone that you’ll do it, then don’t have the new one ready. The marketing department at HTC is running around like a headless chicken. Before you announce that you will change your slogan, you have to prepare the new one, and have everything ready for that day. You also can’t deliver a crappy ad in youtube and retire it in less than 24 hours because it was worse than the ads in the 80’s, with people actually dressed as phones. Seriously? That’s the best they could do? With creatives like that, you can’t have good advertising even if you had as much money as Samsung does (which is actually ten times the kind of money HTC has for advertising, in 2012). Come on. Show a little creativity, HTC. It’s not so hard. Even if you don’t know how to be original, hey, just copy Samsung’s strategy, it works fine. Take some local (or international) celebrities, get them to show off your phone. Do what Alcatel did and get your One to be Tony Stark’s phone in the next Iron Man movie (LG did that in the first movie, and Audi and Rolls Royce are doing that in every one of them). Remember Matrix? every cellphone there was a Nokia. Get the stars to use your phone. Do clever product placement. Now do some good ads, and I’m not talking about the cheesy ads you can regularly see in taiwanese TV. I mean the kind of great ad that keeps you looking at the TV, like Nike used to do, telling a story with well-known stars. Or something that evokes illusions and hopes, like the ads for the spanish national lottery (which have earned many marketing prizes). Get someone competent to do the marketing, because it’s clear your actual marketing team can’t.

I tried to buy an HTC One from a MyFone store. The sales assistant told me I would have to join a pre order waiting list and the phone would be available in May sometime.

More disturbingly, she was trying her hardest to sell me an HTC Butterfly insisting it was a much better phone than the One and they had stock of the Butterfly!

I know this isn’t true because I did my homework before deciding which phone to choose for this years upgrade.

Beware of sales assistants with redundant stock to dispose of…

If you don’t need a contract, you can pick one up at many stores in Gunhua or Gonguang market. Saw them in 32 Gb versions.
They might ask a 1000 more though.

Walked into a Far East Tones store today. I was really impressed. It is the first time anyone really tried to make a sale with me. They really took an interest. Every other place…Chang Hua Telecom, Taiwan DaGeDa (My Fone) and even HTC acted like they didnt really care. Far East offered to pay for my contract break fee from Chang Hua, allow me the phone (yes, the HTC One 32G!) with no down payment and have it by this Friday! Sweet deal!
Far East just got a new loyal customer.
Anyone know if their Cellphone internet connections are good…better than Chang Hua?