New i mac mini

I was hoping to use either of the machines to watch DVD’s, videos or listen to music, but neither of them has a decent audio option. Just 2 channel stereo. Only the P4 version comes with an SPDIF output, so P4 means annoying fan noises, and SPDIF means I need to get a 5.1 Surround Amp which is not in my budget. Other than that the Pentium M machine or the Mini Mac sound interesting. But I probably stick with my modded XBox as a ThinClient. I might get the MiniMac if it comes with Tiger, to get an OS Update and to have something to play with.

All right, I read it, but I’m not impressed with its form factor and design.
It’s twice as big as Mac min, twice of the weight, and infinitely uglier, just like their website.

It has lots of " compatible" components, but have they tested what kind of windows and linux runs? Do all the components have working drivers for windows/linux? Do the drivers work well together? In the past, even with brand name PCs like HP, I’ve had lots of crashes due to driver conflicts on both winodws and Linux. So I’ll never buy a no-name pc unless I know everything works on both windows and linux. If it doesn’t, it’ll never work, as no one will develope drivers for components not well documented.

If I buy a Mac mini, all those questions are mute. I know everything works with a Mac and I never had to waste time searching for drivers.

[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]Did you follow the link and read the specs for the various machines? You can get the Sumicom without fan and with Firewire. Any size hd you want and any kind of cd/dvd reader/writer you want. Several different kinds of CPUs. You really ought to read the specs on their website.

This guy is not a Mac hater.

It’s twice as big as Mac min, twice of the weight, and infinitely uglier, just like their website. [/quote]

Depends on the model, doesn’t it?

Sumicom S310: 5.8"(W) x 9.8"(D) x 2.79"(H)
Mac: 6.5"(W) x 6.5"9D) x 2"(W)

Twice the size? Hardly. And beauty? It’s a frigging computer! If I want a [i]p-u-r-ty[/i] computer, I’ll go out and rustle up a BeBox with blinking lights.

Of course there are no drivers! They simply sell the things and nothing works. People just use them as expensive paper weights.

Here’s an interesting article on where the mac mini might fit in… … 1%2C00.asp

Thanks for the replies. I’ll go have a look a Guang Hua Shng Chang.

How about a Mac Mini Transporter/docking station to make the brilliant idea of Mac Mini even bettter. For those who had seen this before, it is still the same old idea, but now with a brand new spin.